18 People Share The One Thing They Look Forward To Every Single Day

Do you have something that gets you out of bed every morning? That first cup of coffee? A chat with your mom? A nice, long walk with your dog?

I hope you have something that makes you happy every day, because life without something to look forward to doesn’t seem like it would be much worth living at all – and these 18 people definitely do.

Here are the things they look forward to when they kick off the covers every single day.

18. A brief escape.

My audiobook in the car on the way to work. I used to love reading but now I have kids and can’t let myself stay up all night reading.

This is my escape time.

17. Alone time to read.

I live at a friends family house. They offered me shelter after I became homeless and every night I go to my car to read.

I find that reading in my car every night before going to sleep gives this family a chance to get a break from seeing me and I get a chance to be calm and away from everyone.

They are amazing people and It’s been so fun. I’m so thankful that they let me stay in their living room, but they tend to use it at night to watch a movie or have family time so I take a chance to let them be and I get a chance to learn something and relax in my car.

16. At least it’s something.

Going to bed the next night.

15. This is one of mine, too.

My morning walk so I can listen to my podcasts :).

I work in the office as well and dedicate my breaks to walking. I’m doing nothing else so I might as well get some movement in. I typically just eat lunch at my desk then. I actually lost a good amount of weight by just doing this

14. The love of a friend.

bedtime routine with my 10 year old cat, she’s my best friend, we’ve had the same routine for years. i call her when im ready for bed, she comes running n jumps on the bed and flops against my chest and purrs all night.

i never want to live a day without her, it’s a nightmare to think about. i make sure to tell her i love her and say goodnight

13. Coming home.

Getting home from work. I really enjoy that whole ‘Not-at-work’ time.

It’s especially great at the end of the week. I always walk out of the office at 5 on Friday thinking “this is the farthest point in time until I have to be back at this god-forsaken place.”

And don’t even get me started on the moment I leave for vacation. Euphoric.

12. A new lease on life.

Waking up and hearing my girlfriend say goodmorning in her sweet soft sleepy voice. I used to hate waking up, there were so many days that I would wake up and ask myself what was the reason I even woke up.

Those days are long gone.

11. Those comfy clothes.

Changing out of work clothes and into pajamas.

My pajamas are my real clothes. Everything else is a facade.

10. Just the silence.

I have 30 mins in my day in between work where I just sit on a bench in this park. No phone, no earphones, nothing but just me enjoying the sound of birds and whooshing of the trees.

Feel most at peace during that time.

9. If you love what you’re studying.


I always hated high school and now that I’m going to a school that caters to my interest, (auto tech) I can be happy going and seeing other people who have the same passion.

8. Laughing all day long.

Working with my son. He’s 23. I’m 50. We spend M-F working together building homes. We laugh all day long.

It’s the happiest time of my life. I know it’s finite, so I’m enjoying it as much as possible while it lasts.

Edit: my alarm went off, and I’ve discovered that this has resonated with a bunch of people. How awesome! I’ve read through all the comments. I wish I could reply to every single one, but I’ve got to go to work.

We finished the doors, so we’re starting flooring today. I tell him how I feel regularly, but I will tell him again this morning. I love him so much.

7. The combo really does it.


I was about to say dinner because its eating AND not working AND it means bedtime is soon.

6. So say we all.

Taking my bra off.

I stopped wearing one when the pandemic started, and even returned to work that way. Unless its a bikini top, I fly free and will never go back.

5. It’s just a relief.

Getting home from work followed by the relief of not having to work from that point on.

Saturday, most of the time, everyone just does things around their house and takes care of errands that they couldn’t get done throughout the week.

Then Sunday is basically pre-Monday which feels like anxiety. Being employed does suck very very much.

4. It’s pure bliss.

My morning coffee.

I get a different coffee every week and drinking it is the most relaxing part of my day.

Sometimes, I go to bed early just so I can wake up and drink coffee.

3. A calm home.

Honestly, every part of my home. As the daughter of an alcoholic hoarder, grew up in a very dysfunctional and at times abusive household. It was always dirty, loud, stressful and unstructured.

Now that I’m an adult with the power to control my environment and lifestyle, I keep a clean, peaceful home. My bed is made, my carpet is vacuumed.

I get to hang out with my cats and a good book and not have to worry about the electricity being shut off or my mom not coming home from the bar or any number of financial concerns that managed to steal my childhood away.

I have what I dreamed of having as a little girl: autonomy and calm.

2. A special relationship.

To bring Snacks for my older sister. Its the best part of my day. I ran away and she decided to help me.

So I’m grateful to share food with someone who actually cares.

1. A peaceful drive home.

The drive home after finishing work.

I live over an hour away from the office and I like the long ride home because it gives me time to decompress. I’m also driving westbound so I’ve been able to witness many beautiful sunsets.

These are great simple pleasures. That’s really what it’s all about don’t you think?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Share those small pleasures with us in the comments!