18 People Speculate About Hobbies They’d Eventually Be Good at If They Lived 500 Years

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The older you get, the more quickly time passes and you start to realize that, unfortunately, there are a lot of things that you’ll probably never accomplish in your life.

Next year’s the year I’m gonna learn to play the guitar! Well, hopefully…

What hobbies would you get good at if you lived to be 500-years-old.

Here’ what AskReddit users had to say about this question.

1. Plant your garden.

“Gardening would be very fun!

It wouldn’t be intimidating to start growing trees.”

2. Learn it all!


Even if some don’t consider it a hobby, I would learn recipes from all around the world so when someone is in the mood for something I can make the best possible version of that thing.”

3. Geography whiz.

“Lately I’ve been working on memorizing every country’s name and location on the globe.

If I had 500 years, I could try to memorize every city.”

4. Getting good at that.

“We’d get really good at practicing safe sex for the sole sake of avoiding reproduction.

As a matter of fact, there’d probably be a global restriction put in place only allowing people to reproduce once a century.”

5. Here’s the plan.

“By 100 – virtuoso guitar

By 200 – piano maestro

By 300 – drums, baby

By 400 – ace of base

By 500 – harmonica blues master.”

6. Might as well do all of ’em.

“Learn every language.

Like, even those endangered languages with 2 native speakers.”

7. That would be cool.

“Maybe opening and running a vineyard.

If I have 500 years, I’m sure I could make that happen before I go and the only thing I know about it is that wine is good.”

8. A true artist.


I find it so frustrating that I was never taught the fundamental basics of rendering 3D shapes on a 2D surface, the nitty gritty of anatomy, rendering light and shadow correctly and just overall becoming a badass artist.”

9. All the stuff and more.

“God, I spend way too much time thinking about this topic.

Cooking. Music. Architecture. Medicine. Teaching. Writing.

But most of all, conversing. Connecting with people through conversation is one of the most meaningful things a person can do and I want to get better at it. There’s not nearly enough time to cram all of this into a lifetime. :/ “

10. Become a master.

“I wouldn’t necessarily change what I’m doing, but I’d put a lot more time into mastering everything I can.


Electrical Engineering



Mobile Electronics


11. Keep it sharp.


It’s a very intellectual game, and It would be nice to keep my mind sharp after all that time.”

12. A good idea.

“Any and every trade based job so therefore I don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to maintain my home, vehicle, and just be able to rely on my own knowledge on being able to fix things.

The ultimate handy man.”

13. Both attractive endeavors.

“Woodworking and maybe the violin.

I currently do woodworking projects as a hobby and in 500 years I can only imagine the advances in the tools we use. I like to think I would be a grandmaster at it; creating art that is admired.

I don’t currently play the violin but it’s on my goals list.”

14. Putting pen to paper.


I’d want to create a rich world like Tolkien did with Middle Earth.

In fact, give my 500 years to him to make it even better!”

15. I like this answer.

“Being a kid!

I’d assume childhood would be longer. Climb more trees. Try more sports.

Having fast kid-healing time sounds appealing.”

16. Learn about life.

“I think I would spend a lot of time studying the environment and ecosystems.

I would learn how to analyze all the life in an area, even the smallest insects and microorganisms. I would really get to know the animals, plants, fungi, and how they intricately interact with and influence each other. It’s basically nothing on an evolutionary time scale, but to almost all life and ecosystems on Earth, five centuries is a damn long time.

I would be able to see how ecosystems shift and secede each other first hand. Of course, I would take incredibly detailed notes and samples so that others could continue my work. 500 years is long, but not long enough.”

17. Give it a shot!

“Skateboarding and guitar.

I still have plenty of time to do both but I don’t think I’ll ever actually try them.”

18. You never know.

“If the past two months have taught me anything, I’ll start a bunch and then abandon them.

Though with 500 years maybe I’d pick a few back up.”

Hey, you might not get around to doing everything you want to do, but if you start today, you can get the ball rolling on one thing!

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