18 Random but Interesting Maps of America

You can show almost anything on a map, which is awesome, because people really love visual representations of things – even totally random statistics and facts, like we’re about to show you.

Maybe even especially random statistics and facts, if we’re honest, which means you’re going to love these!

18. Tree Diversity.

I just love trees, y’all.

USA tree diversity from MapPorn

17. How America Utilizes Its Land.

Sort of eye-opening, isn’t it?

How America Utilizes Its Land from MapPorn

16. Who Says “Garbage Can” Vs. Who Says “Trash Can.”

We kind of say both, I think? Missouri is ever-divided.

Garbage Can v Trash Can in the United States from MapPorn

15. Percentage of Foreign-Born Residents in Each State.

I love to see how our country is influenced by immigrants!

Percentage of people born outside the U.S. in each state from MapPorn

14. Portion of Each State that is Federal Land.

I had no idea there was so much, honestly.

Portion of each state that is federal land from MapPorn

13. States that Don’t Celebrate Columbus Day.

Why is this entire map not yellow?

Regions of the U.S. that don’t officially celebrate Christopher Columbus day from MapPorn

12. Counties with In N Out Burger.

How long until we can turn this whole map red?

All U.S. counties with In-N-Out Burger as of May 2020 [OC] from dataisbeautiful

11. Popular Coffee Shop Chains.

I’m low-key shocked that the whole map isn’t green.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Waffle House Locations Per State.

Some of these poor states have none!

A tastier map. from MapPorn

9. The Lowest Recorded Temperature in Each State.

I’m moving where it’s warmer, yo.

Map of lowest recorded temperature in each US state (Fahrenheit) (OC) from MapPorn

8. Date of Creation By County

I love a good history map.

Date of Creation of All 3,142 U.S. Counties from MapPorn

7. Light Pollution in the United States.

If you want to see more stars, you know where to go.

Light Pollution in the United States [1604×818] from MapPorn

6. U.S. Governors by Eye Color.

This is actually far more interesting than it looks at first glance.

Us governors by eye color from MapPorn

5. Air Traffic Control Zones.

I thought there would be more!

Air traffic control zones in the USA from MapPorn

4. Voters Who Didn’t Vote For Clinton or Trump in 2016.

This is the map that needs to change the most in 2020.

Voters who didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump from MapPorn

3. U.S. Education Spending.

See where your state stacks up, and then call your reps!

U.S. Education Spending Map from MapPorn

2. Average Size of U.S. Apartments by Region.

Some people are living in really small spaces. I guess there’s less to clean.

Average Size of US Apartments by Region from Maps

1. Map of Roads and Highways.

It’s so pretty when you look at it like this!

map of the United States’ 8 million miles of roads, streets and highways from MapPorn

I’m completely enamored with all of these, and spent way too much time perusing them!

Which one was the most surprising or interesting to you? Let’s talk about it in the comments!