18 Strange-But-Funny Tumblr Posts to Brighten Your Day

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Who doesn’t love something that’s just as weird as it is chuckle-worthy? No one, that’s who. Maybe some people, idk, but if you clicked on this post then these strange, out-there Tumblr posts are probably going to be right up your alley.

18. I think you’re not having enough alcohol with your pizza #zerochill

17. Sometimes we think of cool things in our sleep. Other times…

16. I have a lot of questions

Photo Credit: Tumblr,vintar

15. Parenting summed up in two sentences

Photo Credit: Tumblr,earthdad

14. The Smurfs would have an entirely different tone…

13. Is it the sound of wanting to choke the person who uses it more than once in a paragraph?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,hijerking

12. If the avocados are half off, I’m there

Photo Credit: Tumblr,eissibee

11. This person is going to make a great agent some day

10. So, this is where I am currently

Photo Credit: Tumblr,pettyboy

9. The more you know

Photo Credit: Tumblr,captoring

8. Why has getting rid of Daylight Saving Time never been a campaign promise?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,alrightevans

7. Not sure Tumblr is the place to ask…

6. I love this. Lol.

Phgoto Credit: Tumblr,princesa-de-sol

5. How to find true love, 101

4. *spit-take*

Photo Credit: Tumblr,emogender

3. It’s like how children name their stuffed dog ‘Doggie’

Photo Credit: Tumblr,lubricates

2. I’m not sure they have anything in their heads, but if they do, this is a good bet

Photo Credit: Tumblr,dutchster

1. Universal truth

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thisismekiwi

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