18 Things People Say Should Be Easier Than They Are

Expectations can be a tough thing to manage in life, don’t you think? Sometimes I think the key to being a happy person is honestly just managing them to the point where you keep them super low all the time and so are only pleasantly surprised.

And sure, sometimes you’re expecting something to be hard and it turns out to be easy, but it seems like the opposite is more often the case.

To that end, here are 18 things people expected to be easy only to realize too late that they definitely weren’t.

18. It’s so much work.

Moving. It’s absolutely f**king stressful.

The stress of packing all your s*%t and then unpacking it is ridiculous.

17. Just friends.

Making friends. Keeping friends. Letting go of bad friends.

There’s so many people desperately wanting friends and yet making friends is so hard. Life is a bit paradoxical isn’t it.

16. It takes time.

Moving on from someone who has moved on from you.

Going on three years now, they say it gets easier but I only find myself missing her more and more each passing day.

Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, I just hope she is happy.

15. For some people it’s so easy.

Falling asleep.

Our bodies are “designed” through many animals’ evolutions to work best when we do all of the above: Eat, drink, sleep, and exert energy.

When you think about it, at the very beginning of humankind, in order to eat a person also had to be able to either run after food with a knife or spear in order to kill the meat and eat it, or know which berries and nuts were okay to eat without poison. And when civilizations were at their VERY BEGINNINGS, you could also get by if you had people in your tribe who did those things…. as long as you also could do something valuable like fight enemies or grow crops or even keep good records.

Nowadays with just picking up all your food from a store, we have these ideas of sleep problems and also mental problems, which probably wouldn’t have even made front stage in our early evolution. Many, many lives are saved with modern technology.

14. They don’t last.

Making friends as an adult post-college.

My friendships have a lifespan that equals the same time frame I’m at whatever job. Once I leave/change jobs, I just don’t do a great job keeping up on friendship maintenance.

Best thing to happen so far is to meet two neighbors in my apartment community who a)both like each other and get along b)also both like me and we all get along c) are within the same age range d) despise everyone else in the complex.

13. More sleep troubles…

Staying asleep…

Falling asleep isn’t a problem. 10:00pm comes and I can be out in a manner of minutes. Now staying asleep is another thing all together. When you are awaken twice a night to pee that’s bad enough. But then trying to fall back asleep is just too much sometimes. Get out of bed in the morning sometimes feeling like I never slept at all.

*Want to add that I cannot consume caffeine, so can’t use that to be alert

12. My eyes just glaze over.


Especially today, computers and software can automagically track payroll and report this and other tax-related data to IRS. And yet, somehow, we’re having to either fill out ourselves or pay to have completed tax forms that generally get more complicated the more income and assets you have.

It’s almost as if the government wants us to fat-finger our calculations and make a filing mistake so that they can charge tasty penalties or, worst case, put a lien on your property and own your home.

11. Seriously, can we fix this?


Printer technology hasn’t changed since the 1990s. Communication between a computer and a printer is still using drivers that haven’t been modified in decades. You still get weird print queue problems, you still get instances where your computer can’t find your printer.

It shouldn’t be this hard to just print a piece of paper.

10. I don’t think it should be easy.

Making the decision to put a pet to sleep when they are very ill or infirm. The “right” decision, but it’s never easy.

I’ve had to do that twice this year. I was looking at photos of the first this weekend, taken the day we took him in. He didn’t look ready to me at the time (and I certainly wasn’t), but looking at those pictures, I can see he was tired.

Objectively, I knew it was the right thing and better than letting him drown from the fluids in his chest, but it still hurts.

9. It’s a full time job.

Removing a label from jar. That goddamn glue! What it’s made of?!

8. It can be super frustrating.

Studies and Group Projects.

It was really frustrating when I was going to school. A couple of our professors seems to just assume we all lived on campus and had unlimited free time to meet.

The reality was at least half of us commuted from out of town, had full or part time jobs, and trying to coordinate time and locations with an entire group was a real pain.

7. Everyone co-signs this.

Insurance. The concept itself seems so simple but actually going through it trying to understand is just ridiculous to me.

I called my insurance company to see if the local hospital lab was covered… and they DIDN’T KNOW. They suggested I call the lab… and I’m thinking, you should know whether you are going to pay a bill from this hospital?!? Or at least be able to look it up.

I kid you not, I ended up with someone who wasn’t just blowing me off, and she actually called the lab, who rerouted her to registration to billing who were able to tell her the answer.

What super major large insurance company doesn’t have a database of who they cover and don’t cover.

6. It’s criminal.

Browsing Amazon Video.

It’s criminal how bad the interfaces are. For all the services.

5. You can never leave.

Canceling a gym membership.

Omg! So many gyms keep charging even if you cancel. At the beginning of covid when they knew they couldn’t reopen for a while, a gym near me kept charging people.

Totally unethical.

4. We just want some money.

Making a decent living.

3. Not exactly service.

Calling any number of customer service lines. If I actually get through to someone, after waiting for 30 minutes, it often ends in them hanging up on me.

“We are experiencing higher call volumes than usual. Please hang up and try again later. Goodbye.”

2. Common and available.

Working from home.

Baffles me how many desk jobs (including my own) just don’t offer remote options. Covid or not, remote work should be way more common and available

1. Almost ridiculous.

Going to doctor.

I was at a doctor today. the path was.. almost ridiculous. Just the way my appointment was already weird.

So today I have an appointment at 11:10AM. So I’m there at 10AM and find a parking spot at 10:30AM.

There is a queue OUTSIDE the office, so I get in line at about 10:30AM.

I finally get to the counter at 11:30AM and then sit in the waiting room.

Get into the examination room at around 11:40AM and wait for the doc.

Replacement doc turns up at 12:25PM (because I was “late” to my appointment my doc left).

Examination takes 2 minutes, I leave at 12:27PM.

It’s ridiculous. I waited about 2 hours for a 2 minute talk with a doc, just to get a piece of paper so I can get a fucking appointment at the hospital, to then get another examination there for surgery…

All just because they refuse to accept the paper I got from my regular doc already.

I have to agree with most of these, and it can just be so disheartening, don’t you think?

What’s something you expected to be easier than it was? Tell us about it in the comments!