16 Times Famous Women Called Other People Out

There are so many good things about the internet, but if there’s one major downside, it’s that too many people think they can say whatever they want while hiding behind the anonymity of their screens. It’s just rude.

People like that can be hard enough to handle if you’re a normal person who just dared to tweet something controversial one time, but if you’re a celebrity, your existence alone opens you up to the vitriol of the masses.

And not just online – they have to deal with people brave enough troll them in person, too.

Celebrities are human beings, though, and sometimes they snap – just like these 16 famous women did the day they ran out of patience.

16. I wish this was funny.

15. Is there any better way to make someone feel dumb?

Image Credit: NBC

14. Notice she’s not laughing.

Image Credit: Attitude Magazine

13. Nicole isn’t pulling any punches, Giada De Laurentiis.

Image Credit: NBC

12. Would we expect any less from Oprah?

Image Credit: OWN

11. The LOL really drives home the point.

Image Credit: Instagram

10. That’s why she’s the queen.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. That’s the way to come out swinging.

8. I bet she can do it faster.

7. Tyra and Naomi hash it out.

Image Credit: Oxygen

6. Forever my general.

Image Credit: Comedy Central

5. Give that woman her car!

Image Credit: CBS

4. Don’t play, Ellen. We all know you’re always invited.

Image Credit: NBC

3. Have people really not learned they shouldn’t come at Chrissy Teigen by now?

2. While she sipped tea, nonetheless.

Image Credit: ABC

1. And the hate comes home to roost!

Image Credit: MTV

I’m guessing this isn’t going to be the last time something like this happens – they have way more patience than I would!

Have you ever lost it on a stranger online? Please, share the details below!