19 Funny Tumblr Posts About Getting Old


Getting old kind of sucks. You sit back in your rocking chair, remember the good old days…and then you sob uncontrollably.

I’m just kidding, it’s not all bad. At least I know I’ll qualify for Social Security in about 25 years (if it’s still around). Take a gander at these 20 Tumblr posts weighing in on what its like getting a little long in the tooth.

1. Me too honey, me too.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

2. A ripe old age

Photo Credit: Tumblr,siriusc

3. Oh yes

Photo Credit: Tumblr,dioynsus

4. Nobody said it would be easy

5. I know

Photo Credit: Tumblr,mjalti

6. Oh yeah, that makes sense

Photo Credit: Tumblr,only1600kids

7. Grandma!

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

8. Not much choice in the matter

Photo Credit: Tumblr,oldrockstars

9. Yes, we ALL do this

10. Club Penguin is savage AF

Photo Credit: Tumblr,optimalotter

11. Fun pie

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

12. Hmmm, I think you’re too old

Photo Credit: Tumblr,poopatato

13. Makes sense

Photo Credit: Tumblr,oknope

14. You looked forward to high school?!?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,loganlerms

15. Wait…

Photo Credit: Tumblr,mcrishesitant

16. Where do they all go?!

Photo Credit: Tumblr,ehjaybones

17. Where are my sunglasses?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr


Photo Credit: Tumblr,laughing-llama

19. And I’m a thousand

Photo Credit: Tumblr,midstorm

h/t: smosh

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