19 Hilarious PMS Tweets That Only Ladies Will Understand


This is an article for the ladies. Men, you may read but don’t pretend to understand or empathize or you’ll be in a world of shit.

Understood? Good.

1. Makes sense

Photo Credit: Twitter,LizHackett

2. Pointed

Photo Credit: Twitter,ValeeGrrl

3. The real hero

Photo Credit: Twitter,oliviawilde

4. Just go to the sports pls. Don’t need hugs right now.

Photo Credit: Twitter,LizHackett

5. Helpful

Photo Credit: Twitter,knottyyarn

6. Time to get REAL

7. Bound to happen

Photo Credit: Twitter,samimain

8. You don’t like Thai food?!?

Photo Credit: Twitter,malissaali

9. That would work, actually

Photo Credit: Twitter,hiemilyy

10. That tracks to reality, yep!

Photo Credit: Twitter,IjeomaOluo

11. Legendary

Photo Credit: Twitter,shariv67

12. *sniff*

13. CinderYELLA!

14. I hate myself

Photo Credit: Twitter,Smethanie

15. Why blanket, why?!?

Photo Credit: Twitter,JenKirkman

16. Heroic

Photo Credit: Twitter,BBW_BFF

17. Furbys beware

Photo Credit: Twitter,SCbchbum

18. Oh snap

Photo Credit: Twitter,asiaxxo

19. DAMN IT!

Photo Credit: Twitter,chrissiefit

(h/t: Buzzfeed)

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