19 of the Punniest Business Names We Could Find

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Some people take themselves and their businesses super seriously, which is a totally acceptable choice.

Other people think “I need to name my business,” and instead of doing market research and floating options to friends and focus groups, just come up with amazing puns and call it good.

Or maybe it could be both, I don’t know.

What I do know is that these 19 British businesses made the right choice.

19. They’re kind of reaching.

I hear the food is good, though.

18. It’s like they were having a competition.

And we’re all the winners.

17. It’s almost too easy.

Is it even a pun?

16. I know it means “all you can eat” in Vietnamese.

It’s still funny, though.

15. It’s clever, but that’s not Jabba…

Also, the tagline is the best part.

14. Life is like a bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes it smells good, sometimes not.

13. I hope they’re not quick to anger.

But they’re movers, so they probably are.

12. That must be some lawn.

I can’t wait to see it.

11. It’s a bit highbrow.

I’m here for the layers of puns, though.

10. I think this one might be too soon.

It is clever, though.

9. When you need that new floor more than ever.

Sorry. I couldn’t help it!

19 of the most brilliantly awful, punning business names in Britain
by inCasualUK

8. Who is Rhondda?

And why is there an extra “d” in her name? I feel like I’m missing something.

7. “Dinner dinner dinner dinner.”

I’m dead.

6. This one is actually super clever.

I’m proud and I don’t even know them.

5. They’re probably going to hell.

But it’s worth it.

4. I would very much like to visit.

What a delicious planet.

3. You know it’s good if two places are doing it.

Both such pretty buildings, too.

My new favourite shop name pun
byu/vbloke inCasualUK

2. The tagline, too.

These folks are two-for-two.

What a rubbish pun
byu/ericarthurblair420 inCasualUK

1. This one was a bit too close; they were sued.

It was funny while it lasted, though.


If only I could one day be so clever.

Have you ever come across a business with a name like these? If it was so good you never forgot it, please share it with us in the comments!