The anti-vaxx wars seem to be heating up, with countries around the world making them mandatory while folks on the other (non-science) side refuse to back down despite the fact that no one can come up with a shred of proof that the vaccines recommended for children are harmful in any way.

When one of them busted out a “Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated” shirt, I don’t know….I kind of feel like she was just asking for responses just like these.

19. Or anyone else who lived in a world before microbiology.

18. What would Jesus do?

17. Some people just can’t pass up a good pun.

16. Listen up.

15. Details.

14. I’m sure that didn’t help.

13. I wouldn’t put that much faith in your immune system, but you do you.

12. We’re all a bit confused.

11. Are you sure?

10. That seems pretty specific.

9. Yeah people weren’t aware of germs for some time after Jesus’ life.

8. What even is logic?

7. No lying, either. God will know.

6. That seems like a good number of years.

5. There is that.

4. The smart ones are.

3. We can get behind this rule.

2. I’m guessing she can’t cure a ham, either.

1. Too steep a price for my babies.

Inspired, right?