19 Kids Came Up With Their Own Words For Common Items

Image Credit: Pixabay

Kids have a way of hitting things right on the head, and sometimes they come up with a word for some object that’s way more apropos than the original.

Like these 19 times.

Honestly, you’re not going to be able to argue.

19. It matters not what time of year you see them.

18. Just don’t call it that when you’re talking to the dog.

17. I only go slowing.

16. That’s…poetic?

15. Bed skins wtf.

14. Even Rhinos will love this idea.

13. It makes perfect sense.

12. Well, why wouldn’t it?

Image Credit: Twitter

11. That’s exactly what it looks like!

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Like a flamingo, but evil.

9. Morbid, but not inaccurate.

8. Daddy needs to mow.

7. Always trying to dress up a fart.

6. That’s what Dr. Seuss would call it!

5. My kid says “last day.”

4. Pockets for cheese are okay by me!

3. If only that were a job, kid.

2. They might party in a way some animals don’t like, but…

1. I think that’s close to what they’re called in German.

It’s obviously time to let kids start naming everything!