10. Scarred for Life

“When I was 12 I was on the porch playing truth or dare at night. We were told to stay on the porch, so a dare came to run across the road to the street light and back. So all 3 of us girls did it, I was wearing a plain t-shirt and a ball cap hiding my hair in typical tom boy fashion. As we hit the light post and began to run back to the porch a car come screeching round the corner to stop in the middle of the intersection, man jumps out with a crowbar. We freak and run for the house, and he gives chase. I was last in the small herd, and I have been told just as the crowbar is about to come down on me I screamed and he stopped. The man yells “were you throwing rocks at my fucking car?!” “No! ” I cried as its now full on fear tears, but I’m still running. He pivots around and leaves, just as quickly as he showed up in his newish Camaro. I assume he realized I was not in fact, a boy. We’re panicked, freaking out this psycho almost killed me. Once the sound of his engine fades, across the street two boys come out of the dark between two houses. About our age, one in a ball cap, asking if we’re ok. Yes, they were the throwers of the rocks, and high tailed it home after confirming I had not been bludgeoned to death for their childish vandalism. No idea what happened to the man, and our parents never called the cops, if memory serves I’m not sure they believed us, and we’re pissed we left the porch. I’m 34 now and remember that run like it was yesterday.”

11. Sick Burn, Bro

“During a game of truth or dare, my wife picked truth and they asked her what was the nastiest thing she ever did in bed and she answered, “My husband.” To be fair, it was a pretty suck burn.”

12. When Roommates Are Extra Close

“I (24f) was playing truth or dare with my roommates. (24m, 25m) roommate number one dares roommate number two to pee on me. Neither of us put up a fight…roomie number one made us feel weird for being down for the dare.”

13. Tits Make Anything Worthwhile

“Probably 20 years old at the time. Gf her sister and girl cousin from Germany were in the car. Cousin says let’s play and so we all said OK. All fun and games till we pull over into a McDonald’s parking lot and I get dared to walk in and order fries in my underwear. They drove off and I had to borrow the phone to call my gf to make them come back for me. Saw all the tits though, so it was worth it.”