2 Dogs and a Cat Break into This Guy’s Home and He Hilariously Documents the Whole Thing

Photo Credit: Twitter

JP Brammer, an editor in Brooklyn, New York, heard knocks on his door one afternoon, and when he looked to see who it was, he saw… two dogs and a cat. The animals had escaped from their owners’ apartment in the same building, and they were determined to hang out with JP, for some reason!

Naturally, JP took to Twitter to chronicle the experience.


JP went into the hallway to figure out what was going on and greet the pets, but unbeknownst to him, the cat slipped right into his apartment. The orange cat made herself RIGHT at home.

JP decided to focus his energies on the dogs. He tried to wrangle them back into the apartment they’d come from. But these dogs!!!

Relatedly, JP told BuzzFeed News that the doors in his poorly-constructed apartment building “kind of suck.”


While JP waited for the animals’ owners to get home, another neighbor who actually owns dogs came to the rescue. They came up with a contraption to keep the animals inside.


Meanwhile, the animals’ owners still had not returned. JP says he was QUITE panicked by that point.

“I was like, ‘Oh god, they’re dead,” he said. “Oh god, the owners are in their bedrooms or something and there’s dead bodies in there and the [Twitter] thread’s gonna take a huge turn for the worse, because where are they? So I was having this panic attack.”


Eventually, the owners did return home to corral their animals. A happy ending!

But the saga wasn’t over…


And with these crafty animals, it probably will never end.