20 Can’t-Miss Tweets From The Finale Of “The Bachelor”

Image Credit: Twitter

Another season of The Bachelor is in the books. I have watched the show, I have eschewed the show, and I have been in that weird in-between place where you don’t watch it, but also if you turn on the television and it’s on, you can’t make yourself turn it off.

So, if you’ve just concluded another wild ride of a season (I heard it was nuts!), you’re probably devouring amazing tweets from the finale – and these 20 definitely fit the bill.

20. Oh yeah, there’s definitely more coming.


19. This seems like a legit good solution.

18. It was just about that subtle, too.

17. My actual friend Karen will be so happy.

16. I really hope they’re out shopping together.

15. The best part is I can hear Julia Louise Dreyfus say this in my mind.


14. Cheers to her, seriously.

13. This really made me lol.


12. A masterclass in toxic parenting.

11. A valid use of that tool.

10. Ross Gellar all over again.


9. Okay but was that really the first one?

8. A skill that would definitely come in handy regularly.

7. Sike I love you mama!

6. Yep. Nailed it.


5. That poor girl.

4. “So proud” is the only way to finish that sentence.


3. It’s just so embarrassing for him…or at least, it should be.

2. Definitely nightmare mother-in-law material.


1. This whole women standing up for themselves thing is bad for business!

I don’t know, y’all…I may have to come back for the next round (if they get to finish production around the coronavirus madness!).

Do you love The Bachelor? Hate it? Both?

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