19. Two strikes

Not me, but a guy who lived on the floor below me my freshman year.
Dude was already a nuisance, he got drunk and wandered into town one night, broke a window on a private residence because he thought it was our dorm. Got arrested for breaking said window. When the school found out they told him that if you got into any trouble either with the police or the school’s internal justice system (which is actually decent, it’s student run) then he would be thrown out. Same goes for getting “transported” to the local hospital due to excessive drunkenness.

Cut to halloween night when his roommate found him passed out covered in vomit on the floor of his dorm room. He tested positive for alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. I’m pretty sure he was kicked out before he got out of the hospital.

20. “Illegal activities”

I was a friendless loser in high school and middle school, so I was very sensitive when I could tell someone else was bullied. There was a kid in my Spanish class who clearly had some autistic/asperger’s stuff going on – he would ask really inappropriate questions, and everyone made fun of him, laughed at him, rolled their eyes at him, even the teacher.

I felt bad for him. I asked him to work with me on a project and I invited him to my dorm room. My roommate and his friends happened to be there and were smoking before heading out.

He gets all perterbed and I end up doing all of the work and letting him take credit because I felt bad. He decides to immediately go to campus security and report me for allowing ‘illegal activities’ to go on.

Me & my roommate and his friends all get arrested, and taken away in cuffs & shackles in front of the entire student body. I then had to leave school, and my family never recovered from the whole thing. My mother recently passed away, and this incident hurt our relationship for the remainder of her life.
I was forced to take NA classes and they asked me to leave since I’d never done any drugs or drank before college, and I was still in my first year. They just auto-passed me and expunged my record, at least. I was in classes with people who had scars all over their bodies, arms ruined by drug injections, people who had problems with self-mutilation and other kinds of abuse, and I was some 18 year old goody two shoes nerd kid.

I ended up having to spend a few months in a psych ward as well, since this incident made me suicidal since I lost my friends, my family, and my future.
One mistake and it completely altered the course of my life.
I was trying to help you and you fucked me.

Because of what this kid did, I never go out of my way to help anyone who is bullied, and I instantly assume they fucking deserve it now. I lost all the friends I’d made in college too. I am completely friendless again, and have severe trust issues.


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