21. Go to class, people

Personally knew a bright individual that was kicked out of a prestigious university for skipping too many classes. He showed up for the important classes, got A’s on all of the tests. But due to the fact that he had missed too many classes, he failed all of them.

Must not have read that page of the handbook. He now works at the local grocery store and I see him when I come home on breaks.

22. Creep

A kid who worked at my dining hall got expelled and presumably arrested for breaking into girls dorm rooms and watching them sleep. He had been doing it for a while because people were noticing their doors were unlocked in the morning. He got caught when he tickled a girls feet, she woke up and screamed, her roommate woke up and screamed, we all screamed and I picked up his shifts.

23. Don’t call security

My niece was expelled for fighting off a coked-up hockey player. He was an ex-boyfriend and she’s known him for years. He invited her to his off-campus house where she found him coked up, drunk and stoned and wanted to leave.
He said “No”, blocked her from leaving a room, threw her into a mirror, she punched him in the nose (a D1 hockey player) and ran to campus security.

While filing a statement with Campus Security, the local PD arrested her and refused to allow her to press charges. They do not do “counter-charges”.
Because he’s an athlete, he is bound to Title IX. Had he been in any way responsible, he would have been suspended from the NCAA. Solution: Suspend the woman.

If you have an actual legal issue, NEVER CALL CAMPUS SECURITY. Always call the police. Security protects the university, not the students.


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