20 Funny Tweets That Show What Marriage Is Really All About

©Flickr,Adam Jones

Married life: it’s full of ups and downs, zigs and zags, etc. But you’re both on the journey of a lifetime, so you know you’re experiencing something incredible together.

But…there are still a lot of ridiculous/hilarious/preposterous moments, aren’t there?

Just like these.

1. Sounds about right

2. That’s why you’re here

3. Wait, they can’t hear that?

4. You also might need a PowerPoint

5. Hmmmm

6. Not anymore

7. Thank you!

8. Might be a deal breaker

9. Make sure to get that spot


10. That is crucial

11. Uh oh

12. The PEAK

13. I thought it was funny

14. Sums it up

15. Hey o!

16. I know the answer!

17. SMH


18. A little too late

19. What’s the deal?!?!

20. Oh, never mind…

It’s worth it all in the end though, isn’t it friends?