20 Tweets That Will Probably Give You a Contact High

Source: @Gre_Gone on Twitter

Whether or not you are a pot smoker yourself, we can all agree that sometimes people do hilarious shit when they’re high as a kite.

Thankfully, people also like to smoke a blunt or two and then get on Twitter and share exactly how scrambled their brains are. That’s a big win for us. All of us.

#1. I really don’t see any problems with this…

#2. I mean… you didn’t realize this was going to happen?

Photo Credit: Twitter,djcatalyst

#3. Did it work?

Photo Credit: Twitter,GreenishDuck

#4. I mean… I have to do that normally.

Photo Credit: Twitter,Slashleen

#5. TVs used to be that big, btw….

#6. Not yet. I’ll try it tonight.

Photo Credit: Twitter,dubstep4dads

#7. I love that our world is so weird.

Photo Credit: Twitter,AndyRichter

#8. Perfect! Let’s do that!

Photo Credit: Twitter,internetluke

#9. That is a scary song, btw.

Photo Credit: Twitter,kylekinane

#10. Oh snapppies!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Gre_Gone

#11. Two pounds please! Chop chop!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Awk0Tacoo

#12. It’s an essential decision!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Elizasoul80

#13. Ceej… you’ve got some interesting theories about life.

Photo Credit: Twitter,ceejoyner

#14. Barry needs some more sleep, bruh!

Photo Credit: Twitter,CarlyGanzz

#15. Ummmm…. I can’t answer this.

Photo Credit: Twitter,hitsablunt_

#16. Brain just broke. Thanks!

Photo Credit: Twitter,primawesome

#17. Oh… I like this one. Gets ya thinking!

Photo Credit: Twitter,daemonic3

#18. Cats basically get high anyway, so they’re def not narcs!

#19. I think Geico has the copy for their new commercial…

Photo Credit: Twitter,primawesome

#20. Chuck E wants to eat your damn soul!

Photo Credit: Twitter,SatansTongue

So yeah… that’s what happens when you get high AF… you make some funny memes and light the world on fire with laughter.

Not a bad outcome, tbh.

Which one of these made you chortle? Let us know in the comments!