20 Items People Swear They Would Never Buy The “Cheap” Version Of

Of all the sayings in the world, the one that goes “you get what you pay for” seems to generally hold up across the board. Some things we don’t mind buying as knockoffs, because maybe we don’t expect them to last long to begin with or they’re a fad that’s probably going to go out of style anyway.

Other things, though – tennis shoes, for me, for one – you have to spring for the real deal, otherwise you know you’ll have regrets.

Here are 20 items people say they would never buy on the cheap.

20. My kingdom for one that doesn’t hurt my back.

If you work at a desk, your chair is an important one as well.

19. They never tear right, either.

Scotch tape. The knock off brands won’t stick to anything.

18. No, not the stuff at the grocery store.


My entire life I have been buying Aunt Jemima’s, thinking it was real maple syrup. until a few days ago I saw this bottle of AJ’s that said “with 10% maple syrup”. I thought they had released a shittier version with only 10% real maple syrup. I looked at the price and was baffled because it was more expensive than the regular.

That was when I realized… Original AJ’s is basically just sugar water.

17. Spring for the good stuff.

The school where I teach used to get yearly donations of dozens of Rose Art crayon 24-packs.

But obviously no one would use them. Finally, someone had the balls to tell the org donating that the Rose Arts were going to waste and to just get fewer packs of Crayola.

They complied and it’s been wonderful ever since.

This is a huge problem in charity giving. People buy multiples of the cheap version rather than one of the decent version because they feel like they are stretching their dollar and helping more people.

The rule of thumb is to buy like you would buy for yourself when you give. Getting a 30 pack of socks that you’d never wear instead of a 3 pack of quality socks feels like you are doing what is right, but you aren’t.

16. Seconded.

Bed sheets and bras.

15. You might need all three at once.

Condoms, Helmets, & Defense Attorneys

14. Not if you want to stay warm.

In places with real heavy winters, you can’t buy cheap coats and sweaters. I always save up for nice turtlenecks.

13. If you want it to last.

Anything i’ll be using for an extended period of time (hours in succession) So a bed, PC, Clothes, Chair etc.

12. They’ll save you a pretty penny. And lots of sleep.


That will save you literally $250,000.

11. A very modern answer.

Monitor! Good god, when i took out the old x230 and turned it on, i almost cried. I played over a hundred hours of dark souls with keyboard and mouse on that tiny, horrible screen.

My neck, my back, and my eyes are more important than some money i have to pay once

10. Being an adult is fun.

Toilet paper. I literally cannot afford to pay my bills rn but the last time I bought cheap toilet paper it legit made my a$s bleed lol.

9. You’ll thank me later.

Coats for cold weather.

8. Everything you use every day.

From this thread, I learned I should buy the expensive version of everything.

7. Safety first!


I splurged and have the best winter tires I’ve ever had in my life this year. Makes a huge difference!

6. Multiples for the win.

Bras and underwear.

Although I don’t go out of my way to get expensive brands, I don’t check the price tags when shopping. If it’s comfortable, I buy it… and several pairs.

5. Gramps knows what’s up.

My grandpa told me you don’t cheap out on anything that goes underneath you: tires, mattress, shoes.

4. If you know, you know.


as my mom says, buy the good tampons, anything to make your period suck less is worth it! she’s so right, i’m not sticking cardboard up my hoohah if i don’t have to

3. The older folks have learned.

As my Gran says, “Buy shite, buy twice”.

Gran is wise, a customer friendly version I used to use is: “buy it nice, or buy it twice.”

2. Or just don’t sleep outdoors.

outdoor/backpacking equipment. good quality equipment could potentially save your life. bad quality equipment could be a potential death sentence.

1. I like these people.

Foot wear and bedding. You spend so much time in both that it should be comfy!

My mom used to tell me, “never skimp on things that go between you and the ground.”

Footwear: sock and shoes Bedding: home and camping equipment Tires.

I agree with most of these, but sometimes you can still find a really good deal.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!