20 Screenshots And Photos Of Moms Who Have A Great Sense Of Humor

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Sometimes it seems as if dads get all the credit in the parental humor department (especially if we’re gauging by number and loudness of groans), but these 20 moms prove that they’re funnier than dad ever dreamed he could be.

Seriously, I laughed out loud and poked my husband so he could LOL, too. We even had to pause the television.

And now that I’ve probably oversold it, let’s hop in!

20. This made me laugh way too hard

Photo Credit: Tumblr, auldron

19. Mom cleaned the room, kid came home to this. I say be thankful your mom cleans your room and don’t ask any questions.

Photo Credit: Reddit/meemersbarnhart

18. This mom texted that some “creep” was checking her out at the grocery store, and then snapped a pic of the culprit

Photo Credit: Reddit/leeofthedell

17. This made me snort

Photo Credit: Reddit/meradav

16. Mom throwing some serious shade with her to-do list and rules

Photo Credit: Twitter, millselle

15. This mom doesn’t mind listening to the Mormons’ spiel…as long as they help her in the garden while they give it

Photo Credit: Reddit/puppiesmakemelol

14. Mom’s caption to her gay son – “remember your first wiener?” Best mom.

Photo Credit: Reddit/haunterallen

13. Vasectomy cake. Because, obviously.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Brute1100

12. IDK, this seems like an obvious thing to embroider and send to your college-bound son

Photo Credit: Reddit/cvkxhz

11. I have now told this joke to everyone I know

Photo Credit: Tumblr, glamazord

10. This mom who knitted her son and his cat matching ties is my hero

Photo Credit: Reddit/raypkit

9. Kid asked for a “cool bookmark” and this mom handed over a laminated picture…of herself #momgoals

Photo Credit: Reddit/GreenPantSuit

8. Presented as an apology to said son’s girlfriend

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. When Mom sells the iguana. Actual tears.

Photo Credit: Reddit/DarthTrumpApp

6. When your mom mixes up pajama day and picture day. On “accident,” I’m sure.

Photo Credit: Reddit/ KillerKenyan

5. I can’t decide whether the Elton John part or the pee-pee part makes it awesome

Photo Credit: Reddit/certaingrass

4. The dog’s face seems to confirm

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. “Jefferoonie” does not seem amused by his cake

Photo Credit: Reddit/FFBB648

2. Nice recovery, Mama

1. When your mom’s sense of humor is rough

Photo Credit: Twitter, KevinM0ra

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