20 Notable Signs from the Youth-Led World Climate Strike

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The majority of people around the world admit that human emissions are slowly killing the planet via climate change, but we just can’t seem to do anything. Scared for their futures, young people have been pushing the people in charge to not just agree, but to at least try to save us all from a fiery death.

Enter the recent youth-led global climate strike, a movement that numbered in the millions all over the globe. Participants everywhere hope their protest were heard by the UN during their Climate Summit (Greta Thunberg, a leader of the movement, shared some amazing words that made me tear up a little), and if these 20 signs have anything to say about it, these kids will be impossible to ignore.

20. It doesn’t seem like this should be asking too much.

19. I mean it takes a lot to get us out of the house.

18. Priorities, man.

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17. She’s walking the walk.

16. Incorporating a bit of our history lessons, there.

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15. Points for relevance.

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14. And justice for all.

13. Just a little something to think about.

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12. It’s so hot out you might not be able to feel this burn for much longer.

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11. I think this one is my favorite.

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10. That’s not at all romantic.

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9. On so many levels.


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8. Fighting for the unborn on a whole other level.

7. A more perfect mashup has ever been conceived.

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6. It’s always a good time for a well-crafted pun.

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5. Who knew Mario Bros. would teach us so much about real life?

4. It’s quite backward.

3. My new favorite meme making an appearance.

2. I could not have bigger heart eyes for this sign.

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1. You are not alone.

It’s time to make a change, y’all. If it doesn’t start from the top, we’ll start it from the bottom. Consider looking into ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Are you impressed by the world’s youth campaigning for change? Are you inspired? Let us know how you plan to help in the comments!