20 People Share Some Surprising Perks of Being “Ugly”

People assume that being ugly is a tough row to hoe, but listen – things are what they are, and there are many, many things in life that are more useful and that serve us better than being physically attractive.

Hopefully, you’ve learned this for yourself, but if you’ve been blessed with a young and pretty face, you might not realize there are actual upsides of being less handsome – but these 20 people promise there are.

20. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yeah, my wife says I was not her type, physically, at all.

She’s my second wife, and we started dating three years after my first wife died. Her husband had also died two years previously. She founded a widow’s group for our little subculture, which has some unique issues, like the widows of famous people in our circles. I was invited to this group, which sadly keeps growing as we all age.

After dating someone and making it “Facebook official,” he dumped her by text. She confronted him in person, telling him, “you get to dump me, but you better do it to my face.” Then she posted about the encounter, to which I commented I had a lot of respect for that. She replied, “you’re still single, want to hang out?” I said, “sure.”

I have a screenshot of that to this day.

I didn’t know she was actually considering it a date, I thought I was just going to pat her hand and say, “there there, get back up on that horse, nobody should treat you that way.” She initially thought I was too neurotic until we hung out that day. By the end of the day, she wanted to kiss me, but didn’t want to seem too forward. I thought she would be one of those esoteric hippie chicks that constantly blamed stuff on mercury retrograde and essential oils, but I was wrong, too. We both got along really well, and after a few dates, we knew… we knew. We moved in a few weeks later, and we got married October 2018. The longest we have been apart since we started dating was three days I was in North Carolina on business. Like, we’re inseparable and 100% compatible. Which is good, because I usually work from home, and she’s retired military.

But she sometimes goes, “wow, I never thought I’d end up with a large, tall guy. After my last husband, I said I wanted to marry a guy much smaller than me so if he got sick, I could carry him around.” Her last husband died from brain cancer, but he was like 6′ 5″ and she had trouble moving him from place to place until Hospice took over.

19. Being left alone.

Nobody talks to me unless I talk to them first, which is nice. No one clamors for my attention except the ones who are actually entitled to it (i.e. my child and my work clients).

When I make a joke or remark and people laugh, I know it’s because it was actually funny. Being unattractive does suck in some ways, but it works for me.

18. That makes it easy.

Not having to be perfect all the times, have a bad hair day?

Have a nasty pimple?

No one cares, you anyways are ugly lol.

17. It’s less work.

Being ugly is relatively easy to maintain. No one will expect you to look your best and you will also get less creepers annoying you.

My life got so much easier when I figured I still didn’t like my looks with makeup and 60€ haircuts. So I just keep my hair, skin and clothes neat and tidy, and don’t bother spending time and money chasing beauty I’ll never have. I’ve got other things to do.

16. Money spends for everyone.

Loading up with hours at work.

I grew up invisible.

Enjoying the perks still.

15. Nothing untoward here.

No one doubts you when you get promoted at office.

14. Friends are forever.

I (31, M) quite like having female friends. Being…not the best looking….is helpful because over the years more and more of them have long term boyfriends/husbands.

The SO’s rarely get worried about them spending time with me, even when we laugh a lot. Sad state of human insecurity, but convenient for me. Most of their other male friends have kind of dropped off.

13. That’s a strange one.

Being able to sleep without having to put my phone on silent.

12. There’s always a few.

Less unwanted attention from creepers.

Not zero, but less.

11. What a relief.

No worry about aging. Don’t feel like I still have to look 20 so men will be interested.

If good looks has become part of your identity it’s no wonder so many people have body issues as they age and turn to more drastic measures like plastic surgery.

I accepted not being good looking years ago.

10. It is what it is.

You don’t have to experience the rude awakening of aging and losing all the perks life affords beautiful people.

9. Attention isn’t always a good thing.

You fly under the radar way more.

One of my friends is like a model and it used to drive us crazy when we went out to bars and clubs- every conversation we had was interrupted with “excuse me… your eyebrows are amazing…” “scuse me, can i buy you a drink” etc etc.

We were once in the middle of a disagreement and a girl came up and was like “OH MY GOD UR GORGEOUS UR SO ATTRACTIVE MY GOD LOOK AT U” then looked at me and was like “you’re ok BUT WOW LOOK AT U” and i realised how intensely uncomfortable that much attention would feel, and it was the first, but not the last time, i was glad i’m less attractive than he is.

8. You’re probably more interesting.

You’re forced to develop attractive personality traits which helps you in relationships both romantic and platonic.

7. Doesn’t sound like a very good friend.

I hated going out with my attractive friends. Not because I was jealous, but because people would constantly interrupt us hanging out. She loved the attention so I was constantly waiting around for her to finish with whatever chucklef*ck had bounded up to her.

Or worse! Some wing man would try to “take care of me” by socializing with me. Look dude, I don’t know you. I was just trying to catch some drinks with a friend and now I’m being talked down to by some drunk dude. Lame.

6. That sounds nice.

You won’t get hit on if you don’t wanna be bothered.

5. You could be a criminal. Or a spy!

Easily forgettable.

Nobody wants to look at this ugly face twice, let alone remember it!

4. Never a bad thing.

You get treated like a god

Everyone ignores you unless they want/need something.

3. Unless you’re rich.

If someone shows interest in you, you know it’s because of who you are and not just what you look like.

2. Love those sweet ladies.

You don’t get noticed by obnoxious guys that cat call you. It’s an even bigger bonus when you don’t have a “sexy” body, so that means they won’t even notice me at all.

I can wear whatever and no one will say anything at all besides the random sweet lady’s that will compliment your outfit.

1. A definitely downside to “pretty.”

i was coming here to say this. i used to be “ugly” and fat. when i lost tons of weight, and became more stereotypically attractive, i got more attention from people but it’s only ever attention over my looks.

Men seem to think now that the only worthwhile thing about me is my looks, when before most men who were interested in me liked me because they thought i was funny and cool to be around

I’m ready to fist-bump all of these people!

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