20 People Share The Best Lessons They Learned In Therapy

I love that more and more people are feeling comfortable asking for help, and going to therapy to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they can do to live their healthiest lives.

The fact that therapy has become more accepted by society as a whole means more people are talking about it, too, which is good for everyone – and if you’re looking for some free and secondhand advice, these 20 people are willing to share.

20. I love hanging out with me!

Especially at the movies.

19. It’s not a competition.

Very few things actually are, as it turns out.

18. Very wary.

Like, go the other day.


17. We’re all just muddling through.

Let’s hold each other up.

16. Show them the door.

But know you can’t stop them from knocking again some day.

15. Do your best isn’t comforting to everyone.

What if your best isn’t good enough?

14. Get to know your body.

And focus on letting it relax.

13. We do this with kids.

“How did you feel before you hit her,” etc. Try it yourself!

12. Everyone is starring in your own story.

Remember they’re not there to support yours.

11. Both things can be true.

And they very often are.

10. Don’t feel guilty for being happy.

We all need to smile.

9. Take the time to listen to yourself.

You’re worth a few minutes of introspection.

8. Your brain isn’t necessarily on your side.

Alive is not living.


7. You’re responsible for yourself.

Same goes for everyone else.

6. We have to be ok with that.

Other people don’t owe you anything.

5. Forgive yourself.

You weren’t intentionally making a bad choice.

4. Love without expecting anything in return.

It’s the only way to feel good at the end of the day.


3. Don’t justify yourself, either.

They either already know or they won’t believe you anyway.

2. Love the child, but move beyond it.

You can only l

1. That should keep you busy for awhile.

Sit with it and see what you think.


These are all great and amazing truths, don’t you think?

If you’ve gone to therapy, share your own favorite tidbits with us in the comments!