20 People Share What You Should Say If You Get Rejected for a Date

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Rejection sucks.

No one wants to go through with it, but unfortunately, it’s part of life.

Especially when it comes to asking a person out who you are interested in.

Then what do you say?

Do you really want to know?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Huh…

“An actual response of mine from high school: “Huh. Well that sucks.”

The girl in question laughed, I laughed, and it smoothed over. And then she proceeded in the following months to cling to me and pretend i was her boyfriend.

Oh yea. I know how to pick ’em, chief.”

2. This isn’t bad.

“Ok, no problem.

See you around.”

3. Very lucky!

“If they explain that they have a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/partner I’ll usually say “Oh! They’re very lucky then!”, smile through the pain, and walk away.

It establishes that I respect not just them, but their relationship and perhaps they will go home and think “Yeah, I guess I’m pretty lucky too!””

4. Rock it.

“They said they had already been asked out by someone else. So I wished them good luck and to “rock that shit”.

I don’t fail half way.”

5. Nice and easy.

“”Okay, thanks for being honest”

I have seen too many situations where someone says yes because they feel bad or awkward. Don’t lead someone on because you “feel bad”.”

6. Don’t do this.

“Break into a sad musical number.


7. Show ’em who’s boss.

“Finger guns and a moonwalk outta there.”

8. There you go.

““Haha no worries” and then you go about your business.”

9. Moving on.

“I just say “I respect that” and move the fuck on.”

10. You’ll sound like a psycho, but why not?



You’re gonna rue the day you passed up on dating me. YOU WILL RUE IT!”

11. A high school story.

“My sophomore year of high school I had a couple of classes with this girl I had a crush on. Because teachers loved using alphabetical order there she and I ended up sitting next to each other in those classes.

We start passing notes in those classes talking about random stuff and being a bit flirty.

One day I decide to get the courage to ask if she wanted to go out with me to a movie or something. So, I ask her out in one of our notes. She replies saying that she’s really sorry but she doesn’t like me in that type of way.

I was devastated of course, but I also liked her as a friend and didn’t want to lose that, so I replied saying that was okay and asking if we could just forget I asked and keep things the way they were because class would be so boring without our talks. She said yeah that was fine and we stayed note buddies throughout the year.

Not sure if this would work for everyone, but it worked for me.”

12. That works.

“The best I’ve heard is, “Alright. Well take it as a compliment then.”

13. Make it weird.


The higher your pitch and the longer you can stretch it out, the better.”

14. You obviously didn’t hear them…


Pick you up Saturday at 7pm, bring nothing.”

15. Why not?

“Ok, I figured I’d ask.”

16. Keep it professional.

“Well, you’ve got my resume, so please consider me for any future positions. Thank you for your time.”

And assuming this is post-Corona, offer a firm handshake, three pumps, no more, and exit the room.”

17. Maybe it could work?

“She responded with “I have a boyfriend” (sounded genuine)
I told her she’s so pretty, she could use two boyfriends.

Her face went cherry red and with a smile said maybe I’ll see you next year. Asked her on the last day of school).”

18. Leave it right there.

“All good. You seem like a great person I just had to ask. Thank you for being honest.

Acknowledge, compliment, and leave it there.”

19. Remember to be nice.

“That’s alright. I hope we can still be friends.”

20. Laughs galore.

“My friend used to ask guys “you wanna date?” and if they said no, she would pull out a bag of dates and say “cool more for me then”.

It was hilarious every time.”

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