20 People Sound off on the Stupid Traditions From Their Country

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We all have traditions from our home countries that we think are…less than spectacular.

Maybe it has something to do with politics, maybe it’s sports, maybe it’s just something that’s so ingrained in your society that it’s part of the national fabric…but you still don’t like it.

AskReddit users weighed in with their opinions.

1. Not the British way.

“Glaring at people who jump queues but saying nothing because confrontation isn’t the British way.

Was horrified when my American friend came over and yelled at some kids for pushing in a rollercoaster ride queue.

Then they went to the back. It was great.

We need to channel that ability to challenge people.”

2. From the Philippines.

“Filipino time. Everybody knows that the meeting is at 9AM, but some people purposely come in, late. Or they actually leave their house at 9AM.

When people tell you that you gain weight everytime you meet up.

When a family member or relative asks you when you’re going to get married. If married , when you are going to have a child. When you already have a child, when are you going to have another one. And so on.

Also, just because you’re a relative. It doesn’t mean, you have a free pass to live at their house. Especially on short notice.”

3. That is bizarre.

“When I lived in Wales there was a tradition where a person wearing a dead horse skull would come to your house and if you didn’t say a poem he/she would steal your booze and it was legal.”

4. Not having it.

“Most of office culture. “In our world, people judge you if you leave before 6pm!”

Fuck that. I’m not going to apologize for being an efficient hard worker. If I’m done by 4, I’m fucking leaving at 4.”

5. Strong feelings on this one.

“Caste system in India is so fucked up, that it could suck my dick.”

6. Enough with the funerals.

“Going to too many funerals.

Fine for relations, friends, someone you actually knew. But in Ireland people go to the funerals of anyone they ever even said hello to.

Any relation (no matter how distant) of anyone they ever knew or worked with, anyone they ever lived within a 20 mile radius of, or anyone who ever served them a drink.”

7. In Ghana.

“Before marriage, you have to present a drink to her family members (knocking), prepare a traditional wedding (engagement) before you walk down the aisle in a church (the real wedding).

This is in Ghana. Sucks.”

8. Creepy and weird.

“Child marriages can fuck off from Malaysia. It’s always some lowly scum who preys on his niece or neighbour’s daughter.

When a grown, middle aged man of 40 is marrying a 10-14 year old girl, there is definitely an abuse of power/trust.”

9. Better time management.

“I’m Portuguese. I wish that people would show up on time.

And not be bewildered when I’m mildly annoyed for waiting.

Every. Single. Time.”

10. Keeping idiots happy.

“The customer is always right” in US business culture.

This has led to numerous exceptionally entitled assholes, retail fraud, return fraud, and businesses losing too much time and money trying to keep idiots happy.”

11. Czech Easter.

“Easter. More specifically Czech Easter. On the Eastern Monday, boys are visiting every house in the neighbourhood and are whipping girls with a willow stick and ribbons and reciting an Easter poem. Girls are supposed to give them usually sweets, eggs or alcohol. Google it.

As a girl, I have to say it’s not that scary as it sounds. It’s not even painful (if someone isn’t an absolute idiot). But it’s a really awkward social interaction. And I hate it.”

12. You owe me…

“Using kids as a retirement plan and making them “owe” you for giving birth to them, so said kids have to give you a cut of their monthly salary and take care of you when you’re old and sick.”

13. Crab mentality.

“We call it Crab Mentality.

Basically, when you’re trying to move up in the world, people are gonna talk shit about you and drag you down and ruin you just so that they can move themselves up and take that thing you wanted.

It’s practically “tradition” in the workplace but it can fuck off this universe forever.”

14. Indian marriages.

“Indian marriages are glorified but I hate them, especially the noise. They just have a band of people with drums and trumpets to announce to everyone in the city that they have a marriage in the family. Also what’s with fireworks to mark any celebration(not just here), it just causes noise and air pollution.

P.S. if you actually do get the chance to go to an Indian wedding, do try as many dishes as possible. The food is the only good thing about them.”

15. More options would be nice.

“The two party system.”

16. So dumb…

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

17. Not a cultural event.


And being able to advertise it and get funding as a “cultural event” is just madness.”

18. No kissing, please.

“Not sure if it count as a tradition but, kissing people to say hello.

It’s so fucking annoying, if you arrive last at a family dinner you have to kiss 15 people in a row.”

19. Politics in Africa.

“African politics full of corruption and lies but what doesn’t make sense people still vote for the same corrupt parties.”

20. How about a living wage?

“Canadian here. Tipping.

Just pay the service industry a livable wage. Also I often see a default tipping option when picking things up from a restaurant. No service, no tip.

Not quite so annoying is that tax isn’t included on the price tag. Just help me out and add it by default so I don’t have to do the math.”

Those are pretty interesting! I hadn’t thought about some of them before.

What do you think? What are the traditions in your country that you wish would just go away?

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