20 Photos That Will Brighten Even Your Dreary Winter Days

Image Credit: Reddit

Some pictures are just funny, no matter your mood or whether or not they even really make much sense. These 20 pictures definitely fall into that category, and I’m totally saving them for the next time I need a pick-me-up – or, you know, the next time I accidentally leave the news on for too long…

You should do the same!

#20. “My 7-month-old daughter is ready to go out into the cold.”

Image Credit: Reddit

She’s going to melt even the snow.

#19. “This dog looks like it’s about to bust some myths.”

Image Credit: Reddit

That caption, tho.

#18. “Cuddles are priceless, especially if you are a hairless cat.”

Image Credit: Reddit

I just died.

#17. “My daughter seeing herself as Cinderella for the first time.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Pure joy.

#16. “Hey dad, hope it’s okay if I lay here while you play Spider-Man, cause I love you.”

Image Credit: Reddit

No problem, buddy.

#15. “She’s got a secret.”

Image Credit: Reddit

An adorable one.

#14. “A loving owner knitted ears for her rabbit.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Legit crying.

#13. “These eyelashes are hard to forget.”

Image Credit: Reddit

I don’t know what the hell this thing is, but I’m jealous.

#12. “Or a pup whose owners have just brought you home wondering if you’ll get along with the incumbent.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Love at first snuggle.

#11. “I’m in charge here, take a photo of me!”

Image Credit: Reddit

He knows he’s the cute one.

#10. “We drove through 5 provinces. to 5 national parks, in 11 days and we have never been so happy.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Um, because you have a giant dog.

#9. “I would like one puppaccino and a few head pats to go, please.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Head pats are never an imposition.

#8. “Who could resist this glance?”

Image Credit: Reddit

Not I.

#7. “What is it? Is it a human?”

Image Credit: Reddit

Curiosity can also be adorable…

#6. “Meeting her great-grandmother for the first time!”

Image Credit: Reddit

Love at first sight.

#5. “I tried to do a photo shoot with my dog. It took forever to get him to sit still. He finally looks at me, only to give me the stink eye!”

Image Credit: Reddit

It seems like you deserved it.

#4. “When I see how much my baby girl tries to act like her mom I feel an overwhelming sense of happy and calm knowing that she couldn’t have a better example to look up to.”

Image Credit: Reddit

They’re always watching!

#3. “Those beautiful ears:”

Image Credit: Reddit

Corgis are everyone’s happy place.

#2. “8 years ago, I visited France and went on a tour of castles in the Loire Valley. This dog was hanging out the window staring longingly. Everyone left the tour to pet him.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Of course they did.

#1. “Our dog refuses to let anyone use an iPad. She always wins.”

Image Credit: Reddit

Pay attention to meeeeeeee.

I hope these brightened your day like they did mine!