20 Pictures People Snapped Without Realizing They’d Captured Magic

There are people who have made a living taking amazing pictures on their phones, but for most of us, the images we snap are just to remind us of what we were doing, how cute our kids were at a certain age, or to share our amazing pets with friends on the internet.

These people may have thought they were snapping an average, every-day picture, but when they looked at the image, they realized they’d captured something magical.

20. The center of everything.

I find this very moving.

A young man, illuminated by mobile phones, recites a poem while protestors chant slogans calling for civilian rule, during a blackout in Khartoum, Sudan
byu/Somali_Pir8 inAccidentalRenaissance

19. Mouse fight.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Two mice fighting.
byu/sk8boy102 inAccidentalRenaissance

18. Sort of like Norman Rockwell.

They captured some amazing light.

The First Batch (The Bakehouse in Vancouver)
byu/DyslexicSquirrel inAccidentalRenaissance

17. How is this even possible?

I’m totally stunned by this image.

Concert Selfie
byu/ironypatrol inAccidentalRenaissance

16. The colors in this shot are amazing.

And the light and the costumes. Brilliant.

Stumbled upon a fair in Brussels recently. Truly accidental renaissance for me!
byu/jotwing13 inAccidentalRenaissance

15. Bless his heart.

I’m so glad this man was here.

A monk prays for an elderly man who had died suddenly while waiting for a train in China.
by inAccidentalRenaissance

14. He looks like he belongs in the 13th century.

The beard does, for sure.

My girlfriend’s uncle took a photo of this monk at a 13th century monastery
byu/mtkeepsrolling inAccidentalRenaissance

13. It’s a still life.

She looks so cozy and at home.

Supper at home
byu/watsin_aname inAccidentalRenaissance

12. What is happening here?

That kid looks so sad.

Seated Jester
byu/CosmicRustle inAccidentalRenaissance

11. Like a picture from another time.

That must have been quite the experience.

Snapped this moment during my 12 day – 110 mile (800 head of cattle) drive from Utah to Arizona
byu/crazyoldmaurice inAccidentalRenaissance

10. Why does this seem so apropos?

I could look at it for a long time and muse.

keanu reeves ascends to save mankind
byu/worstwerewolf inAccidentalRenaissance

9. This is quite the photo.

The content, the framing, the light…perfection.

Power from on high: Two weed farming nuns
byu/alterego_001 inAccidentalRenaissance

8. The second coming.

After a really solid nap.

Friend took this photo of me napping the other day, was told I should post it here
byu/goldilocksdeluxe inAccidentalRenaissance

7. This truly looks like a painting.

He’s just being, breathing, in his space.

Vasiliy is still breathing
byu/gibgod inAccidentalRenaissance

6. I would hang this in my house.

All hail coffee.

The Barista
byu/watsin_aname inAccidentalRenaissance

5. A little bit of light in the darkness.

It makes you wonder who he might have been before this.

Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya
by inAccidentalRenaissance

4. Actually terrifying.

A sign of our times.

Chinese policemen visiting the remote region of Xinjiang to spread awareness of the coronavirus (2020)
byu/docteurfake inAccidentalRenaissance

3. The girl on the end is SERIOUS.

This is a great angle.

Brokering of the Candy
by inAccidentalRenaissance

2. Excellent balance.

The colors and dresses and lighting – it’s really lovely.

Dearly Beloved.
byu/SirBroDude inAccidentalRenaissance

1. I have no idea what’s going on here.

But I really love it.

Adoration of the Rose
byu/beka_targaryen inAccidentalRenaissance

These are absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of looking at them.

Tell us in the comments which one was your favorite!