20 Posters to Remind Us of All the Things We Should ‘Thank a Feminist’ For

©Facebook,School of Feminism

International Women’s Day may have been celebrated on March 8, but you should hang these posters loud and proud EVERY DAY.

School of Feminism came up with a series of great posters highlighting the achievements of women throughout history.

The organization said, “Thanks to feminists, women can vote, work, abort [their pregnancies], divorce [spouses], wear pants, read any book [they like], use birth control, take out a loan…” Anyone who wants to use the posters can download and print out the designs or simply share them online. There are still many rights to fight for to achieve real equality between women and men around the world. Let’s keep up the fight.”

1. Voting rights

2. Education

3. Wear what you want

4. Make that money. And keep it.

5. Worker rights

6. Home owner

7. Educate yourself in any way you want


9. Your body, your choice

10. Think about it…

11. That’s what love is

12. Testify

13. Making changes

14. Your right

15. Zero tolerance

16. Athletes and role models

17. Stack that paper

18. Nothing to hide

19. Heroes

20. Out in the open

Check out School of Feminism’s official website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

One more time: thank a feminist.