20 Posts About Cats That Will Probably Crack You Up


Cats. The Internet. People making hilarious comments and observations about cats on the Internet.

Enough said.

20. Cats are cats are cats

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

19. Sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions

18. You created a problem. Now it’s yours to live with, buddy.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,shadsasaur

17. Worst trick ever

Photo Credit: Tumblr,dedalvs

16. Either way, that is one angry cat

15. “Please unplug your cat”

Photo Credit: Tumblr,setheverman

14. The last picture is everything

13. It might be sweet, but it’s also a little gross to have cat food on the table

Photo Credit: Tumblr,patientlights

12. One of these cats is clearly smarter than the other

11. I feel like whoever wrote this caption has a friend like this

Photo Credit: Tumblr,unimpressedcats

10. You’ve interrupted a private meeting. Please move along.

9. Because cats

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

8. This would be great for a caption contest

Photo Credit: Tumblr,setheverman

7. This cat is so not impressed

6. Parents feel this cat

Photo Credit: Tumblr,terminus-est

5. IDK, is that thing on the right even a cat?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,heart

4. It’s fine. This is fine. We’re all fine.

3. Perfect caption is perfect

Photo Credit: Tumblr

2. I know where I’m supposed to eat out of – why do you think I’m doing it this way?

1. It’s like a mandrake, but cuter

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

(h/t: Bored Panda)

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