Cats. The Internet. People making hilarious comments and observations about cats on the Internet.

Enough said.

20. Cats are cats are cats

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

19. Sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions

18. You created a problem. Now it’s yours to live with, buddy.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,shadsasaur

17. Worst trick ever

Photo Credit: Tumblr,dedalvs

16. Either way, that is one angry cat

15. “Please unplug your cat”

Photo Credit: Tumblr,setheverman

14. The last picture is everything

13. It might be sweet, but it’s also a little gross to have cat food on the table

Photo Credit: Tumblr,patientlights

12. One of these cats is clearly smarter than the other

11. I feel like whoever wrote this caption has a friend like this

Photo Credit: Tumblr,unimpressedcats

10. You’ve interrupted a private meeting. Please move along.

9. Because cats

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

8. This would be great for a caption contest

Photo Credit: Tumblr,setheverman

7. This cat is so not impressed

6. Parents feel this cat

Photo Credit: Tumblr,terminus-est

5. IDK, is that thing on the right even a cat?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,heart

4. It’s fine. This is fine. We’re all fine.

3. Perfect caption is perfect

Photo Credit: Tumblr

2. I know where I’m supposed to eat out of – why do you think I’m doing it this way?

1. It’s like a mandrake, but cuter

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

h/t: Bored Panda

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