20 Pretty Epic Photoshop Battles and Their Winners

Image Credit: Reddit

The internet is good for lots of things, and while there are many instances in which photoshopping can be used for nefarious purposes, these 20 are not that.

Instead, people are using their mad skills to make the rest of us laugh. If you ask me, that’s a noble cause.

20. I can’t stop staring at this.

PsBattle: This Dad and Son cat from photoshopbattles

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19. We can all relate, big guy.

PsBattle: This fishing leopard from photoshopbattles

18. Are we sure this is photoshopped?

PsBattle: This Cat Beard from photoshopbattles

17. Most of these are funny, but this is actually a work of art.

PsBattle: pringles ringle from photoshopbattles

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16. This has kilt me ded.

PsBattle: Golden retriever who played in freshly mowed lawn from photoshopbattles

15. Fishing buddies.

PsBattle: Man holding fish while bear stands behind him from photoshopbattles

14. Oh the humanity!

PsBattle: This tree that was struck by lightning from photoshopbattles

13. Sometimes the obvious choice is still the best one.

PsBattle: Dog in shoes leading the way from photoshopbattles

12. Let’s be honest, he’d probably fit in better up there.

PsBattle: This "Captain Canada" Cosplay. from photoshopbattles

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11. The original image itself is pretty priceless.

PsBattle: this cute retriever’s face perfectly centered behind a decorative cast iron fence from photoshopbattles

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10. We see what we see.

PsBattle: These micro-mushrooms on a leaf from photoshopbattles

9.  I would have done him as one of the YMCA dancers, but this is still good.

PsBattle: A hawk staring at the camera from photoshopbattles

8. One expression, two very different contexts.

PsBattle: This smirking dog. from photoshopbattles

7. So many options, but this is a good one.

PsBattle: this pissed cat from photoshopbattles

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6. All in a day’s work, my friends.

PsBattle: Porcupine walking on its hind legs from photoshopbattles

5. This duckling did all the work, let’s be honest.

PsBattle: This cunning duckling from photoshopbattles

girl with a pearl earring

4. This is perfection, don’t @ me.

PsBattle: This Mount Fuji, Japan – Pink Valley! from photoshopbattles

3. I expect to see this made very soon.

PsBattle: angry baby from photoshopbattles

2.Welp, someone isn’t getting knighted.

PsBattle: This security guard eagerly chasing a streaking swimsuit model from photoshopbattles

1. Dogs just chilling should be its own internet niche.

PsBattle: This big dog in a sink from photoshopbattles

Let’s give the boy a lift.

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