20 Quick Memes About the New “Joker”

Image Credit: Reddit

Whether you’re a fan of superhero (or villain, or antihero) movies and stories or not, it’s been tough to avoid the press surrounding the release of Joker. Joaquin Phoenix plays the title character, and by all accounts his performance is amazing – but that’s where the positives end for many (although many others seem to have loved it).

Critiques run the gamut, but the bottom line is that a certain section of filmgoers and critics worry that, instead of critiquing the culture that creates mass shooters, Joker glorifies the revenge ideal that fuels many of them.

Now, you’ll have to see the movie for yourself if you want to make up your mind (I doubt it will be a waste of your time, honestly, and could be good fodder for conversation!), but if you’re looking for some internet discourse, well…look no further than these 20 memes.

20. Oh snap!

You either die a hero….. from memes

19. You don’t want to be a BIG Joker fan, yaknow?

Big Joker fan! Suspicious from memes

18. Yes, we’re listening.

17. What about Wonder Woman, bro?

Joker is one Epic Masterpiece. OC from memes

16. Damn the man.

Joker (2019) from memes

15. The Joker always reflects the society of the time.

Joker for the times… from joker

14. This is pretty sad. Because it’s true.

13. It’s not quite as poignant, but it is funny.

12. It’s like a throwback to every television show and movies from the 1930s-1950s.

11. If you think it’s not possible, let’s all remember Suicide Squad.

angry disney noises from memes

10. Yes, you don’t want to identify TOO strongly.

based on a true story from joker

9. One more reason to stay home on Halloween.

This year for Halloween going to be like…

8. Excellent meme mashup.

Image Credit: Imgur

7. Who doesn’t love a Hostess fruit pie?

6. Because it’s never a bad time for a dog smile.

Put a smile on that face from joker

5. It’s always something else’s fault, right?

That’s life. from joker

4. This legit cracked me up. Poor Jared.

Template only works for three people from memes

3. And again. Oh, my.

All jokers in a nutshell from memes

2. If you don’t get why, well, you probably don’t get much.

If anyone tries to tell you gamer prejudice doesn’t exist, show them this from GamersRiseUp

1. When you nail it, you nail it.

You don’t listen do you? from batman

The internet never lets us down, does it?

Have you seen the movie? Are you planning to? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!