20 Silly Cats That Will Absolutely Crack You Up

Photo Credit: FlyLikeAMouse

Cats have a reputation for being clever and cunning, cold and calculating. In truth, however, they’re actually total goofballs.

Don’t believe me? Check out these derpy kitties who temporarily forgot how to cat.

1. “Left suit on floor. Woke up to this.”

Photo Credit: massivebereavement

2. “Some cats bring their humans birds and mice. Oliver brings me teabags.”

Photo Credit: MyCatIsFamous

3. “We actually had to help him down… idiot.”

Photo Credit: mrstoness

4. “This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom.”

Photo Credit: fastandfurry

5. “This is my friend’s cat eating dinner.”

Photo Credit: lilred181

6. “He is crying because he thinks he is locked out. dumb as a brick but he is mine and I love him.”

Photo Credit: leighaeroe

7. “My friend’s cat got its head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this.”

Photo Credit: Hardin314

8. “I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I?”

Photo Credit: RespectMyAuthoriteh

9. “My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster, luckily he never gets too far.”

Photo Credit: FlyLikeAMouse

10. “You’re doing it wrong.”

Photo Credit: catpuccinoz

11. “That’s it. I’m done. I am done buying things for my cat.”

Photo Credit: thefoxsay

12. “My cat is an idiot but adorable.”

Photo Credit: KingkongRS7

13. “Putting in screen doors for warmer weather, my cat thinks I moved the door.”

Photo Credit: pi3monkeytaco

14. “I hear my cat crying in the bathroom. Walking in, I see this.”

Photo Credit: something_something1

15. “My cat is grounded indefinitely.”

Photo Credit: kCrankasaurusRexx

16. “I know cats like to sleep in weird positions, but this is probably the most ridiculous.”

Photo Credit: Vo1x

17. “The question is not what he is doing there but what this piece of ham is doing on him.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

18. “First time my cat has seen a watermelon.”

Photo Credit: CamelMilk

19. “Idiot finds dust pan better than the $25 cat bed.”

Photo Credit: anyboozewilldo

20. “My cat might be broken, he drinks his water by laying under the TV stand and dipping his paw in the bowl.”

Photo Credit: DaBumbas

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