20 Times Nature Pulled out All the Nopes (Proceed with Caution)

Image Credit: Deviantart

Seriously, if you have a weak stomach or like to keep some mystery when it comes to the nopes of the world, this is your official chance to take that chicken exit now.

Because the 20 pictures below truly cannot be unseen.

#19. Doesn’t he know they’ll give him warts?

#18. Mostly I want to know how they swim around with that thing?

Sawfish from natureismetal

#17. Pretty sure this is a shrieking eel.

What kind of eel is this? Found on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from whatisthisthing

#16. Yet another reason not to leave your shoes outside.

Just going to run from WTF

#15. Giant locusts or tiny snake? I’m not sure I really want to know.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

#14. They can have a wingspan up to FIVE FEET.

What do you do when you see a Flying Fox in your backyard? (The Philippines) from natureismetal

#13. Even so, I won’t be picking one up from the pet store anytime soon.

Believe it or not, this is one of the least dangerous spiders we have in Australia from WTF

#12. I know it’s a type of anemone but honestly it looks more like one of Ursula’s wigs.

Mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any idea what it is? from whatisthisthing

#11. Wut.

Image Credit: Facebook

#10. I could write a whole horror novel based on this one image.

Something is growing inside a bottle of natural orange juice I abandoned inside a cabinet for over a year. from WTF

#9. Birds legit terrify me.

Birds using a dead Pike’s mouth to nest. from natureismetal

#8. Of course the spiders will survive the apocalypse – they can do this just to survive a flood.

Image Credit: Russell Watkins

#7. I have a friend who would buy this.

Image Credit: Reddit

#6. It looks like a troll doll left its hair behind.

Weird mold growing out of cat food can i left in an empty room for 10 days from WTF

#5. Horror. Movie.

Crazy Bird Tornado from WTF

#4. They’re like banners you don’t have to pay for!

My town in Central Texas has a bird problem. from mildlyinteresting

#3. House for sale.

Found a beehive while renovating an old house. from pics

#2. I’m traumatized.

Snake was electrocuted then bitten by another snake, which was also electrocuted from WTF

#1. The assassin bug. wears. its. prey.

Image Credit: Deviantart

I need to go sit down now, but thanks for sticking with me!