20 Photos of Uncles That Show They’re the Coolest Member of the Family

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Uncles sometimes get a bad rap, with the whole creepy caricature that’s been done and done again. But anyone who has awesome uncles in their life knows that not only are they usually cooler and way more fun than your dad (at least while you’re still living at home), they’re also pretty darn funny.

Like dad humor with a twist.

So less corny. A little.

20. “My nephews believe this is a marshmallow farm.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

19. If you’re gonna be an uncle, you need to up your troll level

Photo Credit: Reddit, jsmitty021

18. Perfect use of Photoshop

Photo Credit: Reddit, IKizzik

17. When your uncle puts your cousin’s hair extensions to better use than she ever could

Photo Credit: Reddit, kyriedoodles

16. Uncles find the best pacifiers

Photo Credit: Reddit, ydh143

15. When your uncle comes to your wedding and brings balloons. These balloons.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Cptnbumout

14. This is terrifying

Photo Credit: Reddit, tbond22

13. When your uncle scars you for life

Photo Credit: Reddit, Pelle1101

12. Troll Level: Expert

Photo Credit: Imgur, skillerious

11. Taking advantage of the fact that your niece can only read her own name…

Photo Credit: Reddit, KingJackOff

10. When your big, strong uncle finds a room full of cats

9. Geez, get a sense of humor, family

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Awwww. Solid.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Levangeline

7. He looks like he’s angry that they didn’t pay him for image rights

Photo Credit: Reddit, LiarInGlass

6. An uncle’s evidence that the family knew his nephew was gay way before he came out

5. When your uncle is really good with his hands

4. Because, why not?

Photo Credit: Reddit, bmoore87

3. That’s quite a first impression

Photo Credit: Reddit, kraziefrazie

2. When your 3-year-old nephew basically thinks you’re invisible

Photo Credit: Reddit, RyanSmithN

1. I’m sure this was staged. Pretty sure.

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