20 Tumblr Comments That Deserve a Gold Star for Excellence

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It’s possible that you may not get all of these (a good 25% of the time I am not cool enough to understand jokes on Tumblr), but for the ones that hit home, there’s nothing to do but tip your hat (or perhaps snort).

Tumblr is, far and away, the social media platform best suited to smart-asses, and here you have 20 of the best:

20. Gym teachers are the worst

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19. Never say nobody

18. Reality

17. Good morning to YOU *winks*

16. Ummmm

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15. I’m not sure Jesus would do this, based on Biblical evidence. But you never know…

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14. So be it

Photo Credit: Tumblr, h4te

13. Boss

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12. Mind. Blown.

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11. Cat thoughts. Different from dog thoughts.

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10. Important

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8. Best high school memories ever?

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5. Nailed it

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4. Dog thoughts

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3. How literally everyone else sees America

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2. Crying

1. Improv is all about saying YES

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