20 Unrealistic Things in Movies That Annoy People a Lot

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Films are known for exaggerating the truth a bit, and when these tropes aren’t overused, we barely notice.

But what about unrealistic depictions we’re tired of seeing? You know the ones: bad science, weird time travel plot lines, and people who look perfect no matter what! One Reddit thread identified other annoying unrealistic details in movies. Let’s check them out!

20. Haphazard Explosions


Fireballs are from pyrotechnics and they look cool, but they look nothing like real explosions from bombs or grenades.”


19. Car Chase Stunts

“The bit in a car chase where somebody on a bike does a cool slide under something and just carries on.

I’ve done a not cool version of that and what actually happens is your left leg is pinned between tarmac and a quarter of a ton of hot metal. You aren’t walking it off and the bike is ruined because you just ripped off the gear lever.”


18. Effortlessly Hacking a Complex Firewall

“‘Give me a second, these firewalls are practically unbreakable… let me just…. bypass the te… aggressive typing now to just…. and I’m in!’ slams the enter key and turns to the protagonist with a grin

I wish hacking a multimillion dollar security system was that easy.”


17. Unrealistic Hospital Shocks

“Hospital shows where they shock a flat line.

It’s a non-shock able rhythm. And the patients miraculously pick up a rhythm after 1-2 shocks and the patient is awake and talking.”


16. Bad Decision-Making

“When hero misses the perfect opportunity to kill the villain like a hundred times.

Then villain does something to the hero’s family and all of a sudden the hero decides to make it his life’s mission to kill the villain.”


15. Living in a Huge House

“Everyone in San Francisco lives in a giant Victorian house.

‘I’m a print journalist and my husband is a sculptor. That’s how you know we’re interesting. Also, we live in this house and that’s totally realistic. Also, it has a yard.'”


14. Subpar Swordfighting

“‘Swordfighting’ in movies which is just very large swings, turning around, half-swording and hitting each others’ sword to make a nice ‘clang’.”


13. The Same Map Observations

“Every time a group of people is looking at a map/diagram/graph, the leader/scientist/genius says: “here, here and here”. \Three times. Always.

Who does that?”


12. Scientist Double-Standards

“How male scientists look like mad scientists and female scientists are all super models.”


11. Why Nerds Look Like This…

“How the ugly unpopular girl is always stupid hot.”


10. Excuses Like This One

“‘There’s No Time To Explain!’

But there’s time to explain there’s no time to explain. I’ll try a few easy explinations:

Big Ass Dinosaurs!

Pervert On The Loose!

People Are Trying To Kill Me!

Evil Aliens On The Ship!

Shit’s Falling Apart!

Ladies Got OuR Hundred Babies!

We’re Running From The Enemy!

We Got Fcking Ghosts!”


9. Empty Coffee Cups

“The coffee cup is always empty, you can tell by how flimsy it is in the hand.”


8. Always Perfect Hair

“Perfect hair after being mauled by a bear, thrown off a cliff, and hit by a car.”


7. Obvious Product Placement

“When they do product placements and put the product facing the audience the whole time.”


6. Perfect Bodies Despite Issues…

“People being alcoholics and yet having a perfect body.”


5. Potatoes in Medieval Europe

“Potatoes in medieval movies.

They aren’t native to Europe! They’re originally from South America, so if there’s a potato in your movie set in medieval Europe that’s not historically accurate.”


4. Non-Squishy Brains

“Movies don’t understand how squishy our brains are and how easily we get concussions. Like most action movies when the hero survives a fall, or iron man landing really hard, a lot of car wrecks and so on, in reality should have probably ended up in the protagonist being dizzy and throwing up

edit: I’m a food worker and very busy so I can’t respond to you all but fuck this is the most likes i’ve ever gotten thank you”


3. Inaccurate Portrayals of Death

“People found dead with their mouth and eyes closed, looking like they’re sleeping… Yeah, that’s not how it works.”


2. Extra-Long Fight Scenes

“Fight scenes.

Most real fights are over in 30 seconds. In movies and TV they take several kicks to the head, kidney punches, the odd chair broken over your back, maybe get choked, even get stabbed – and presto – still keep on fighting! Usually they’re completely unaffected and doing something that would be impossible to do just seconds after.

‘Hey, I just got beaten to an inch of my life but somehow managed to win the fight… let’s run up these stairs like it’s no problem and defuse this bomb.'”


1. And Huge Breakfasts

“Massive breakfast made, and family or family member rushes out with a piece of toast.”


If you love movies you’ve probably noticed some of these tactics yourself.

Are there any others you think should be added to this list? Make yourself heard in the comments section!