These 20 Warm and Fuzzy Tweets Are Sure to Make You Smile


Let’s take a break from all the doom and gloom going on in the world to feel good about our universe for a few minutes. (This will be temporary, I promise).

These 20 tweets are simple, sweet, and wholesome. And we all need a lil’ bit of that right now, brothers and sisters.

1. Policin’

2. Big Spoon

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheoNicole

3. Hey there!

Photo Credit: Twitter,AlexTheHonk

4. Visitor

Photo Credit: Twitter,tosatisfy

5. A very good protector

Photo Credit: Twitter,DevinDruid


7. An excellent party

Photo Credit: Twitter,granitetide

8. She knows what she wants

Photo Credit: Twitter,eggsandwich26

9. So cute.

Photo Credit: Twitter,karli_montero

10. Problem sovled!

Photo Credit: Twitter,oscarewilde

11. Puppies on board!

12. We could all use a support dog

Photo Credit: Twitter,ImACultHero

13. lil nutsacks

Photo Credit: Twitter,painthands

14. Flowers galore

Photo Credit: Twitter,gzasteph

15. D’aww

Photo Credit: Twitter,painthands

16. A long life of love

Photo Credit: Twitter,jayyrodd_15

17. He knows what you want

18. A love note

Photo Credit: Twitter,buckee8

19. That’s a good teacher

Photo Credit: Twitter,x0_rissa

20. Whoa

Awwww! Feels good, man.