21 People Invent “Honest Slogans” For Popular Brands

We all have our favorite brands – and the ones we’re not so keen on – but I think that no matter what, we can agree that there’s no truth in advertising.

Or at least, very little.

These 21 people are spending time coming up with hilariously accurate slogans for some popular brands, and I don’t know…they seem pretty spot-on to me.

Take a look and see whether or not you agree!

21. Very clever.

Hoover: we suck.

20. It may as well be.

La Quinta: Spanish for “next to Denny’s”

There are a few where the dennys is down the road a bit. I learned about laquinta and automatically look for the dennys.

19. Seriously it all tastes the same.

Taco Bell- same food, different shapes.

18. Pure betrayal.

Froot loops: they are all the same flavours

17. Yes, always.

Facebook: it’s worse than you think.

16. C’est la vie.

Taco Bell: 57 Menu items, Six ingredients!

Taco Bell: like this menu item? Annnnd, it’s gone.

15. And we’re here for it.

Benadryl: you can’t have allergies if you’re unconscious.

14. They don’t care about you.

Comcast: We don’t give a f**k, because we don’t have to.

AT&T: it’s not our fault you don’t read your bill.

13. In case you want to feed your grandkids later.

McDonalds: Preserving our food for generations to come.

McDonalds: You said you want it fast not good.

12. How accurate is this?

Tupperware: Have you ever wanted to throw away food, but just not now?

Tupperwhere the f**k is the lid.

Tupperware: remember when you reheated that pasta and red sauce? I’ll never forget due to my PINK STAINED INTERIOR!

11. They can do it all.

Harley Davidson: from the Great Depression to your Midlife Crisis

10. We have good breadsticks, though.

Olive Garden: When you’re here, we hate you and your family.

Lol I remember the meme of deconstructed slogans and it was like “Olive Garden: When You’re Here, You’re Here”

9. Not in real life.

Instagram: you’ll never look this good.

And in fine print so small it’s barely readable: Disclaimer, nobody looks like this without filters, Photoshop, specific lighting, and specific angles.

8. Is that a bad thing?

Google: We finish your thoughts for you.

“We finish your thoughts so you don’t have to”

“You might not be smart but you’re Google smart.”

7. Seriously do your own taxes.

H&R Block, because getting f**ked by yourself just ain’t no fun.

H&R Block: Pay us $300 to do TurboTax for you.

TurboTax: It’s free, as long as you give us $60.

H&R Block: we lobbied Congress so you would have to figure out your own taxes.

6. Only if you hate yourself.

Nature Valley: Crumbs everywhere

On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley Bar, how much is your life falling apart right now

5. Ads for days.

YouTube: You dont matter to us now watch our double ads!

YouTube: Ad will end in 5 seconds, after which another ad will play.

I’ve been finding the usual starting skip in 5 seconds are rapidly being replaced by non-skippable 15 second ads. They’re getting really greedy.

4. I mean…

Amazon- we’re taking over the world but shop here to save $2 every now and then

3. That’s still around?

RC Cola: we’re just happy to be involved in the taste test

I enjoy mixing it with crown royal, simply for the word play. Crown Royal with Royal Crown.

RC Cola: it’s not much, but it’s honest work.

2. You can’t kill a Toyota.

Toyota: We make immortal cars for civilians and terrorists.

VW: please don’t ask how we got started.


VW: travel Europe on one tank

1. And they make sure to check them off.

Nestlé: Where we treat human rights violations like a to do list!

These are pretty funny, and honestly, I don’t think they would really hurt sales, either. Everyone loves to laugh.

What honest slogans do you think should take over? Let us hear them in the comments!