21 People Share the One Thing They Want to Do Before They Die

Do you want to write a book? Travel somewhere specific? Retire on a sailboat?  We all have our dreams, and I think those bucket list items are different for everyone.

These 21 people have some pretty specific things they want to do before they die.

21. You don’t want to be posthumously shamed.

All I really want to do is clean up my apartment.

Even in death, I bet I’d still be embarrassed of the clutter.

20. It can feel impossible.

I want to see the pyramids in Egypt among other destinations.

19. A reminder that everyone’s lives are different.

Spend an entire day without wishing for it.

I’ve always wondered what your internal monolog is like without depression.

18. Out of this world.

Go to space and look down at the earth.

I have been wanting to visit the ISS ever since reading a few astronaut memoirs earlier this year.

It’ll NEVER happen though.

Not unless I win the Powerball in the next few years.

Guess I’ll have to settle for publishing the book I wrote.

17. You have to be willing to wait for it.

Marry my best friend.

16. A noble desire.

Befriend a crow and trade snacks for shiny things.

15.  This sounds delightful.

Give an elephant a bath.

I’d have a big bubbly scrub brush, and we could take turns squirting each other!

14. That’s really beautiful.

I just want to go somewhere that it is dark enough to see the night sky like our ancestors did.

13. It’s a little bit like being free.

Be actually happy. I don’t mean that in a pity party way. I’m just an angry and anxious person but I’m getting better each day.

I have made plans to get back with a therapist and hopefully get back on the right meds. Thanks again kind strangers.

12. It’s the little things we have to live with every day.

I just want to be happy with my life. I’m almost there. Been crawling out of a dark place for the last 6 years. Finally got off medicine last year.

11. Focus on joy.

I used to want that same happiness, and I was often bitter and anxious towards the world. What helped was learning that happiness is an outside force, as the Dalai Lama describes it, “Like a butterfly that lands on you, and then flutters away.”

Focusing on finding joy in life has helped me become a much better person, though I certainly can improve. The difference between joy and happiness is that joy can be found in the most normal or even hard lives, as it is a purposeful look at all the blessings and beauty around you. Earlier in this thread someone said that many in their town take the Northern Lights for granted, yet for many that is their one thing they want to see before they die. How many in that village are bitterly seeking happiness, yet such wonderful joy happens around them so often.

Thinking outside yourself helps too. It helps to remember that there are others that have it much worse than you, and to take into account what good and joy there is around you. Then, doing what you can further that joy. While there are many writings of philosophy around these thoughts, I recommend “The Book of Joy” as it is very approachable and helped me through some bad times.

10. Quite a journey.

I want to through hike the Appalachian trail.

It’s more about getting the six months off and having the willpower than it is the gear. A grandmother has done it with a military surplus duffel bag and a shower curtain for a tent.

Research ultralight / lightweight backpacking. The Whiteblaze website is full of good advice. You can break the bank if you are a gear hound, or you can buy used and make reasonable compromises.

If you go to retailer with your wallet open, you can absolutely be burdened with a fat bill and 60 lbs of gear. Aim for 30 lbs or fewer including water. Odds of enjoyment go through the roof with less on your back.

9. A worthy dream.

To fall in love with someone who loves me at the same time. I’ve never had that, I’ve never been in love with someone while they were in love with me and when I was I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

I’ve always missed my window, and I don’t want to miss it again. I’m scared as hell but I’ll best my heart and soul for it I have to.

8.  Sometimes you just feel a connection.

Go to the town my grandfather was from.

He died way before I was born so I only know about him through stories.

I’m told I look a lot like him.

7. It’s gonna happen.

I just want to make a finished movie before I die.

Good or bad it doesn’t matter I just want to stop talking and start doing.

6. Many of us have this dream.

Not have to worry about money.

I’m tired of every decision I make revolving around money…

“Can I afford it?”

“What would I have to compromise?”

“What happens is I mess up and can’t afford it again?”

“How long will it take to save?”

“Do I have to skip food for several days again?”

5. One of those things seems easier than the other.

I want to walk on the surface of mars OR along the bottom of the ocean.

4. Don’t Google; keep the dream alive.

If giraffes can swim, it’d be pretty cool to swim with a giraffe.

3. You could do it right before you die, maybe.

I want to touch a tiger’s toe beans, or some other big cat.

2. So many people feel the opposite.

Jury duty.

Idk why.

Just intrigued by it.

1. Simple, but not easy.

Find love.

I hope they all get to realize those dreams before it’s too late.

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Share a few items with us in the comments!