22 Every Day Pictures That Were Actually Something Special

We snap photos every single day – sometimes dozens, since we all walk around with pretty decent cameras right in our hands. Most of the time they’re cute, or funny, or just slices of life, but sometimes we capture a moment that’s more profound that we ever expected

These 22 people call their pictures “accidental renaissances” and honestly, it’s hard to argue.

22. A beautifully scenic shot.

With a bonus kitty – can’t lose.

A monk in Italy. (Photographer: Steve McCurry)
byu/santino_jann inAccidentalRenaissance

21. It might be titled “Hope..”

But it still kind of breaks my heart.

byu/throne_johne inAccidentalRenaissance

20. That lighting is *chef’s kiss*

Cats are always a winner.

Image Credit: Reddit

19. This is uncanny.

Someone should paint her, for real.

The Modern Mona Lisa
byu/daft-punker inAccidentalRenaissance

18. What a brave little girl.

It looks like a still from a movie.

A little girl carrying a lamb to shelter from falling ash during Iceland’s 2010 volcanic eruption.
byu/takemedady inAccidentalRenaissance

17. A kitty who thinks they’re being sneaky.

He/she doesn’t look thrilled about being thwarted.

Our cat trying to steal cheese
by inAccidentalRenaissance

16. It’s like they’ve been touched by the heavens.

That’s something for chickens.

Renaissance Chickens
byu/rattechnology inAccidentalRenaissance

15. This looks like a painting!

I can’t believe it’s just a quick snap.

Oranges photographed through the glass panes of a greenhouse
byu/mikeleus inAccidentalRenaissance

14. Hurry up and wait.

Rest around and the risk your life.

Firefighters taking a break out west
byu/Rat_Cat_Batman inAccidentalRenaissance

13. A very happy good boi.

These are the sweetest memories.

Blinky in the sun. Our pupper passed away this morning. I always thought this iPhone photo of him looked like a painting.
byu/awheelz84 inAccidentalRenaissance

12. Revolution…again.

This looks like it belongs in a history book.

13th attempt to break the Gaza blockade by sea
byu/radonchong inAccidentalRenaissance

11. You couldn’t recreate that light if you tried.

It honestly does not look like a photograph at all.

accidentally took a picture of my cat that looks like an old master’s painting
byu/hueftenspeck inAccidentalRenaissance

10. What an action shot.

Each man looks perfect in that moment.

These musicians in a restaurant in Greece
byu/WeeShirtOn inAccidentalRenaissance

9. A bit of passing comfort.

This is such a touching moment.

Feline Friendship
byu/crazy_turtle inAccidentalRenaissance

8. This is hilarious.

You could wait your whole life to capture another moment like this.

Mr. Fluffies betrayal.
byu/Mustbetheweather3 inAccidentalRenaissance

7. Absolutely stunning.

It takes your breath away with its beauty.

The Selfie
by inAccidentalRenaissance

6. Psychological warfare.

This image makes me ache.

byu/Bozhark inAccidentalRenaissance

5. Perfect golden ratio.

Perfect mother’s love.

A caring matriarch
byu/shy-latte inAccidentalRenaissance

4. That hazy light has me swooning.

Like something from another time.

The Horsemen
byu/laceandhoney inAccidentalRenaissance

3. The caption got me.

His face looking up at her is ehgheshw feelings.

We’ll be home soon
byu/kartofun69 inAccidentalRenaissance

2. She’s beautiful.

And full of quiet contemplation.

This lady pealing pomegranates
by inAccidentalRenaissance

1. A peek behind the curtain.

It raises a million questions, like good art always does.

The coffee shop window
byu/KingofHarts32 inAccidentalRenaissance

I love every single one of these.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!