22 Jokes About Robert Pattinson in ‘The Batman’ That Will Give You Life

Robert Pattinson might be a bit of a polarizing figure, as these things go. He’s odd, and he seems to revel in that fact, but most people can generally agree that he’s not bad at his job.

That said, his casting asΒ The Batman took a lot of people by surprise, and seeing him in the role for the first time, well…people have thoughts.

Hilarious thoughts.

22. There’s really no other option.

Sometimes being a casting director is easy.

21. He looks like he has a lot of feelings.

And he’s not afraid to tell you about them, either.

20. A Batman for the rest of us.

We’ve been waiting for so long.

19. He’s definitely got anger issues.

That’s pretty in line with Batman though, right?

18. We’ve got the soundtrack covered.

Yes, the entire thing.

17. A Batman for the ages.

Or at least, for Gen Z.

16. The mashup we all deserve.

You knew someone was going there.

15. It’s kind of his thing, now.

It could be worse.

14. The studio knew exactly what they were doing.

A+ execution.

13. You want to look away, but you kind of can’t.

And honestly, why would you want to?

12. It’s not so far from the Bruce Wayne we know.

Far from George Clooney is a good thing, too.

11. He definitely talks to himself in the mirror.

We can all use a pep talk now and again.

10. Typecasting at its best.

Maybe the casting director loved book Edward, too.

9. It’s a simple enough rating scale.

There isn’t much in between, either.

8. It’s hard to stop staring.

Just try to look away.

7. There’s no rent.

And he can stay as long as he’d like.

6. Wait, we need more reasons?

I don’t see why.

5. “Oh, sir, I’m so sorry!”

“Do with me what you will!”

4. I can’t think of one.

If you can, please, enlighten me.

3. No caption necessary.

Just revel in it, people.

2. Maybe this is always who Batman has been on the inside.

Is there an argument against, really?

1. When you see someone else dressed similarly in the theater, you know you’ve found your people.

I promise you won’t be alone.

I’m going to see the movie, probably, but with these posts in my mind, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it through without laughing!

Which one is your favorite? How do you feel about the casting choice? Sound off in the comments!