23 Movie Plot Holes That Might Make You Rethink What’s Going On

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Even the best flicks sometimes leave a gaping plot hole large enough to drive a truck through. The folks at Buzzfeed recently asked their community about what movie plot holes left them scratching their heads and throwing their popcorn at the screen. Here are the results:

1. Up

The house in Up didn’t begin to float away until the balloons were outside the house. Why does that make a difference? Shouldn’t the house have floated when the balloons were inside? Right?

Photo Credit: Disney

2. All Star Wars Movies

Different planets have different levels of gravity and different atmospheres, but everyone’s running around without a space suit. Shouldn’t someone have exploded? Or at least be mildly uncomfortable?

3. The Last Jedi

Speaking of Star Wars, how was Paige Tico able to drop a bomb on the dreadnought. Since there’s no gravity in space, shouldn’t the bomb have just floated away?

4. Signs

The alien’s weakness is water. So why come to our planet, which is 71 percent water?

5. The Karate Kid

In this inspiring flick about overcoming insurmountable odds, Daniel wins by kicking his opponent in the head. A move which is against the rules outlined earlier in the movie. I guess cheaters sometimes win?

6. Monsters, Inc.

In the original, the two monsters meet in elementary school. In Monsters University, they meet in college. Maybe they forgot?

Photo Credit: Disney

7. Aliens

We all know that Ripley is buff. But holding on to a ladder with one hand to avoid getting sucked into space? Nobody’s that buff.

8. The Little Mermaid

Ariel was able to sign the contract with Ursula, but she didn’t use her writing skills to tell Prince Eric what was going on. Seems like he could have used a heads up.

Photo Credit: Disney

9. 17 Again

Mike’s kids don’t recognize him when he’s 17-years-old again. Even though there are pictures of him at that age around the house.

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Nazis would have found the Ark with or without Indiana Jones. It’s his own movie, and he has no influence on the main plot.

11. The Harry Potter Series

The Marauder’s Map shows the location of everyone in Hogwarts. So why didn’t anyone notice Peter Pettigrew was 1) alive and 2) spending a lot of time with Ron?

12. The Harry Potter Series

Harry spends a lot of time trying to get people to believe that Voldemort has returned. Wouldn’t using the Pensieve have confirmed his story? And saved a lot of time?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

13. The Halloween Series

Apparently Michael Myers know how to drive, despite having been institutionalized since he was 10. When did he get a license? Or access to a car?

14. Pleasantville

Where did the visiting basketball team come from? The entire town is only two streets.

15. Cinderella

The entire plot hinges on the fact that her shoes will only fit her feet. How can an entire town not have anyone else with the same shoe size?

Photo Credit: Disney

16. Tangled

The whole plot involves Rapunzel seeing the lanterns on her birthday. Couldn’t the witch have just said her birthday was on a different day?

Photo Credit: Disney

17. High School Musical

Gabrielle gets stage fright before singing her big song. The only problem is, she wasn’t even supposed to sing the first line.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel

18. Ant-Man and the Wasp

How does no one notice an entire building disappearing and reappearing? Hank’s lab keeps moving around the city, and the FBI never notices.

19. Hocus Pocus

Allison, Dani, and Max could have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble by using salt to form a protective circle.

Photo Credit: Disney

20. The Meg

If the submarine just let the megalodons out, how did Jonas see one five years before?

21. A Quiet Place

If the Earth has been taken over by aliens who hunt by using sound, why would they decide to have a baby, a tiny human guaranteed to make an uncontrollable amount of noise.

Photo Credit: Paramount

22. A Quiet Place

Why live on a farm in the first place? They can make all the noise they want to at the waterfall, which would cover up day-to-day sounds.

23. Mamma Mia

In the first movie, Donna essentially says her mother is dead. So who’s in the sequel? Her mother, who is alive and well.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

Any major plot holes in your favorite movies?