#20. Pizza Robbers

“This happened to my brother: He use to deliver for dominoes pizza and was 22 and was a pretty big guy, but was not prepared for this. He got an order in a ghetto/bad neighborhood and when he got there the door opened with a pistol in his face and three guys with bandanas over their faces. They took his money ($50), cell phone, and car keys, and pizza of course. Then they got in their car and drove off thankfully not hurting him. Mortified he started walking back to his work, luckily the robbers threw his keys out their car window down the road and he found them and walked back to his car where he had $150 more that they didn’t find. The police ended up finding the three morons because they still had the receipt from the pizza in their living room.”

#21. Stealing From Deaf People

“My most awkward experience delivering was when I delivered to this deaf woman. In the mist of trying to have her pay for her food I accidentally gave her the wrong change and left. I got back to the store and everyone starts talking about how I like to steal from deaf people. She had called the store furious right before I got there.”

#22. The Crazy Meth Head Lady

“I used to work at this place where we would always deliver to this meth head lady. She would hardly open her door to get her food/pay and one time she accused me of doing donuts in her neighbor’s yard when I had trouble finding her house. She also called the store every five minutes after placing her order to ask why it hadn’t arrived yet.”

#23. Revenge of the Poorly Tipped

“I used to deliver pizza about 15 years ago when I was in college. I used to hate it when I didn’t get a tip, so I kept a list of address that didn’t tip me. Those were usually the houses that had to wait an hour or so for their cold pizza. So, it was at the end of my semester and it was my last night delivering pizzas. The last delivery I had of the night was a house that hadn’t given me a tip all year. I was about to say fuck it and just take the pizza home with me, but instead, I took a bite out of one slice and delivered it. I was less than a block away when the boss called me telling me to give them their money back.”