Doctors aren’t the only ones that know a thing or two about the body. After all, everyone’s got one! Take a look at these 24 tips and tricks regarding our physical being . One might just change our life – or at least your day.

1. Advice from someone with experience

​If you take a warm shower before you get in bed, your core temperature will drop as you lie in bed (because it rose in the shower)…
Your body reads this as a stage of falling asleep, leading you to fall asleep much faster.

I’m an insomniac, most prescription sleep meds don’t work for me, but this plus better sleep hygiene has helped me a ton.

2. Kinda like the high-five elbow trick

​If you need to draw a straight line without a ruler, draw two dots, and put your pencil on one of them…
Stare at the other dot and draw your line without looking anywhere else.

Our brains will automatically make your hand go to where you are looking creating a straight line.

3. ‘Yet’ is the key word here

If you mildly hurt yourself like a stubbed toe, or a paper cut, pinch yourself elsewhere and focus on that feeling.
Your body assumes it’s more painful and stops feeling the pain from the other spot as much. It helps lessen the length you have to deal with the pain of the injury. I don’t think this will work for gunshot wounds, or decapitations, but I haven’t had the chance to test it… Yet.

4. It’s the other 20% that’s an issue

If you get a stitch in your chest that bothers you when you breathe in, you have to brace yourself and breathe in all the way quickly. ​
The trick is to do it like the lung equivalent of pulling off a bandaid.

As someone who gets these all the time, 80% of the time it’ll be gone immediately.

5. Water is always the key

​If you get a lot of mild headaches try drinking more water…
Especially if they feel like they might be caffeine headaches, or maybe tension headaches. They could be caused by dehydration.

6. Hiccups

​If someone else has hiccups, ask them when the last time they saw a white horse was.
They’ll think about it for a split second, then give you some sort of answer, then their hiccups are gone.

Sometimes I do this to random people and not even tell them why I asked. They usually walk away thinking I’m some sort of weirdo, but hey, their hiccups are gone.

7. How does this help me?

​Every time I pee I scratch this one spot on my back…
Now when it is important that I pee before a long car ride or know I am going to a place without a restroom, I go to the bathroom and scratch that spot on my back and I start to pee whether or not I had to.

8. Walk away the stress

​Walking each day for a certain amount of time increases your mental capacities.
It reduces mental stress. If your mind has less stress, it can use it’s capacities on other topics more efficiently.