9. Thats a good trick

​If you get up to go to the toilet at night, close one eye and keep it closed while the lights are on…
When you turn the light back off, the closed eye will still be adjusted to the dark.

10. Who actually WANTS to sneeze?

​If you want to make yourself sneeze, try staying in a dark place for a while and then going out into the sun.
For 18 to 35% of people, that’ll induce a sneeze due the photic sneeze effect, or Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO). Because scientists especially love a good acronym.

11. Reflux

​If you have a bit of acid reflux, sleep on your left side.
Or sleep on two pillows. It helps keep the acid down where it’s supposed to be if your neck is elevated. However, if you experience it frequently, talk to your doctor.

12. All about body positioning

​The pinhole effect…
If you’re short or long sighted, then take off your glasses and make a tiny, TINY hole with your hand. Look through it and read something you normally couldn’t.

13. ​Force your attention elsewhere

My father had a knee replacement a few years ago and tried to tough out the post-op period at home without any opiates…
This led to one incident of pretty severe pain which made him finally pop some Percosets, but before the drugs kicked in he was still thrashing around in agony.

To take his mind off it, I started asking him about his college apartment in all kinds of elaborate detail, like what kind of carpet was on the floor, what color shower curtain did they have, what sort of dishes and on what shelves were they kept etc. etc. It forced him to focus his attention on his memories of this place and not on the pain he was currently experiencing. It was successful, at least long enough for the drugs to start doing real work on the problem.

14. Pay attention to your spit

​If you’re worried you’re gonna throw up, your mouth usually fills with saliva a minute or two beforehand…
This is because the contents of your own stomach are harmful to your throat. It’s a pretty good indication that you’re gonna hurl.

15. ​And they say television rots your brain

Drink water before bed if you want to wake up early.
That Christmas episode of the Simpsons changed my life.

16. Sit a while

​Sometimes in the morning before my shower I’ll sit on the toilet to pee rather than stand.
When I’m done peeing I’ll continue to just sit there and read the news or whatever on my phone. 7 times out of 10 I’ll end up pooping if I sit there long enough. This prevents that horrible situation where you shower then as soon as you get out you have to poop. I’m not a morning person so perhaps if I got up a little earlier and had a cup of coffee things would progress naturally, but this works for me.