24 Declassified Government Secrets That You Might Not Know


Sometimes I just want to think the conspiracy theories we all hear bandied about are just fun, crazy ideas people like to make up. Then I read things like these reddit posts below….

Take a look at these 24 government secrets that have been declassified and proven true. Check out Reddit to read even more and head down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole yourself!

1. All for Science’s Sake

Human experimentation conducted by multiple governments. The Japanese famously conducted human experimentation research on the Chinese and Koreans.

The United States had doctors infect minorities with incurable diseases and STDs to see how the disease progressed. They were used to test treatments and to understand infection rates.

2. 3 of the 4

On January 3, 1961, a United States B-52 bomber went into a tail spin and broke up mid air, accidentally dropping two Mark-39 hydrogen bombs over Goldsboro North Carolina. One of the bombs worked exactly as intended, it’s parachute deployed and it’s triggers activated, armed and ready to detonate on impact. 3 of the 4 safety switches failed.

A single low voltage switch prevented two 4 megaton nuclear explosions.

3. Too classified

I remember reading something about a conspiracy nut who filed to receive all the info (freedom of information act) the CIA had on mind control and putting thoughts into people head.

A lot of people laughed at him, then freaked out when the guy received about 20+ pages on all the experiments the CIA had done on the subject. Apparently, using microwaves, scientists were able to make subjects “hear” single syllable words in their heads.

What’s crazy is that if they could do this, then imagine all the stuff that was too classified to release.

4. Whoops indeed

John F. Kennedy’s brain was lost before it could be autopsied.

I’m gonna say that again: Assassinated President John F. Kennedy’s brain was lost. I don’t mean what was left at the scene, I mean they cut it out of his head, set it aside, and went, ‘whoops.’

5. Technical error

Stanislav Petrov (A Russian spy) in 1983 refused to report a possible nuclear launch of five missiles. Thinking that an American attack would be all out rather than just five he didn’t report it to his superiors who he worried, being military personnel, might launch a counter attack immediately. It turned out not to be an attack but a technical error with the satellite.

6. Only “planned”

Operation Northwoods- US planned to have faked attacks on US just so they’d have an excuse to overthrow Castro in Cuba.

7. Empire Secrets

Apparently there is an enormous secret facility in Britain that houses the British empires secret archives. The way it’s described, it sounds like the place where the Ark of the covenant is stored at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

One thing uncovered there is the human rights atrocities that were committed by British troops during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya during the 1950’s. There were details in uncovered documents about detention camps and torture that occurred during the conflict. It gave grounds for surviving Mau Mau to seek compensation against the crown in recent years. The atrocities of the conflict were not widely known about until recently.

8. Even fewer

Personally I think it is ECHELON, a signal intercept program that began in the 1960s. Basically NATO, Australia, and New Zealand all agreed to spy on each other and share the information, that way they wouldn’t be violating any domestic laws about spying on citizens.

This was all widely disclosed between 1988-2001. No one was ostracized or called crazy for saying this, the truth is that hardly anyone cared at the time, then 9/11 happened and even less people cared what the government did.

9. Less than 50 years ago

The Department of Health and Human Services practiced female sterilization on Native American women all the way through the 1970’s. Kinda sobering knowing that we were using tax dollars to suppress indigenous birth rates less than 50 years ago.

10. LSD

Frank Olson was a CIA employee who was dosed with LSD by his supervisor and then “committed suicide” nine days later by jumping out of his hotel window. After an autopsy, there was some evidence found that he was unconscious when he plunged out of the window. Some speculate that the CIA murdered Olson.

11. What?!?!

The Catholic hospitals, doctors, nurses, and churches in Spain conspired to steal thousands of babies and then sold them to other people. They most often told the mothers that they died.

12. No consent

In the 1950s to the 1970s, the CIA ran a mind-control project (Codenamed MKULTRA) aimed at finding a truth serum to use on communist spies. Test subjects were given LSD and other drugs, often without consent, and some were tortured.

13. Wait, what?

North Korea has a giant volcano that’s ready to erupt and could possibly destroy a large part of Asia. North Korea just recently asked western scientists for help.

14. Warehouse weapons

The Soviet biological and chemical weapons programs during the cold war.

While actively participating in a WHO program to eliminate smallpox from the planet, they continued to actively weaponize various strains of smallpox, anthrax and a lot more.

It wasn’t just the scope of the program that was insane, many times biological weapons could be found in warehouses with little to no security.

15. Bio Bots

The use of Chernobyl Bio-Robots.

In order to seal and cap the defunct Chernobyl reactor within a sarcophagus they needed to clear rubble from the nearby roof, a large portion of which was literally material from the core itself. At first they used Remote piloted robots but they died pretty damn fast due to the radiation being too much for their electronics. So instead they used ‘Bio-Robots’, or as they are more commonly known, Human beings.

Groups of soldiers would dress in hastily made lead suits (they had to make them themselves) and for 45 second intervals, they would shovel rubble from the roof back into the exposed core of the reactor. After only this short time, the ‘Robots’ would experience deep bone pain, blurred sight and a lot of other scary fudging symptoms that are best not thought about. They did Multiple runs like this, rotating groups shovelling the inside of a nuclear reactor. They were rewarded with bottles of Pepsi and Coke.

16. Evidence, though?

On many occasions, governments have proposed and actually did stage terrorism or other crises to accomplish political objectives and manipulate the public. Yes, that includes the US and other major modern states.

This doesn’t mean every conspiracy theory is true, but yes, some of them very much are.

17. Operation Choke Point

Operation Choke Point

The government would tell banks not to loan people money to people involved with certain industries. Now, that might not sound too bad until you read the list of things being ‘investigated’ which includes anyone selling firearms or ammunition, fireworks stores, lotteries, pornography, and tobacco stores.

18. Unshakable trust

The declassified Soviet papers that reveal Stalin’s unshakable trust in Hitler. Even as Russian intelligence informed Stalin that Hitler had broken the non-aggression pact and was invading the Soviet Union, Stalin refused to believe it and instead punished the intelligence officers who tried to warn him.

19. Second in charge

The second in charge of the FBI sent a letter to Martin Luther King, trying to convince him to commit suicide in 34 days.

The good that MLK did, and the fact that his cause is and was so just, make me really fear what is being done with the Intel we have these days..

20. Look it up

The Vietnam War, where tens of thousands of Americans were drafted to die, was launched in retaliation to a completely fabricated incident in the Gulf of Tonkin.

21. False

Mustard gas testing on enlisted soldiers, it was believed that darker skin would give you an immunity to the gas, and the US conducted test to figure out if it was true.

22. Where’d it go?

By the time Rocky Flats in Denver Colorado was shut down, documents showed that they had over a ton of plutonium waste unaccounted for.

23. Just rude

3,500 children with disabilities lived in the 1950s and 1960s. The children were used in medical experiments without parental informed consent they were subjected to government-sponsored radiation experiments

24. Mind blown

You know those little cases you see in movies and video games that need to be unlocked to launch a nuclear warhead? The US had those set to 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 for over 10-15 years.

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