25 Creepy and Cathartic Last Words from Patients

Dying Matters

14. A Little Too Accurate

“Not a nurse, not a doctor, but I’m an apprentice funeral director. We went to a nursing home on a removal and as we were walking down the hall one of the patients got antsy and opened the door to his room and saw us walking with the stretcher.

‘I’ll see you next week boys.’

And guess who we had to pick up the next week.”

15. What Did He Know?

“Came into an early shift and was handed over a patient who’d been very anxious and had a panic attack overnight. He was anxious all morning but OBS all fine, ECG fine and so I just asked someone to sit with him to keep an eye on him/reassure him for me. He gets worse, really panicky, heavy breathing, he’s on his side in the fetal position. Doctors will be in in 10 minutes so I tell him I’ll get them to him as soon as they come in, but I ask if he’ll lie on his back for me to help his breathing.

He tells me he won’t make it until they get here and that he won’t face the other way. OBS still all fine at this point but he’s more agitated so again I suggest he move position for comfort and that’s when he says ‘I won’t make it until the Doctors get here. If I turn to face the other way I’ll die.’ He repeated this a few times to me.

He arrested literally as the Doctors walked in and he died on the side he’d been refusing to turn to. I’m convinced he knew.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

16. Psychic

“I had this patient who had a stroke. After that he recovered fine but did get pneumonia like 4 weeks into his recovery. The last words he said to me was at like 4 in the morning.

‘You took his girl and you will burn in hell for it.’

I actually took a girlfriend from a friend of mine. Somehow he knew.”

17. Three For The Price Of One

“I actually have 3 that stick out in my mind. An 83 year old woman that said ‘my mom’s here. Are we going?’ She died a few minutes later.

Another older lady said ‘I think I’m going to die today…’ We took vitals, everything seemed fine. She was stable. She had a heart attack a couple hours later. Not her last words, but the last she ever said to me.

The last one is definitely the creepiest. A nice old lady who told my CNA she wanted to wear all white. When asked why, she said ‘the man in black is here.’ She looked in the corner of the room. The CNA looked, but there was no one there. That’s when I came into the room. We asked her to describe what she was seeing and she said ‘he’s in all black, and he’s got a top hat on.’ Then she whispered ‘and his eyes are red’ while her eyes moved across the room to directly behind the CNA, like she was watching him move closer to us. She died later that night. But it was unexpected. That room creeped me out for a long time after that.”

18. Impatient

“My mom was watching over my great-grandfather in the hospital. He’d been unresponsive for a day or so, when suddenly he said: ‘It’s about damn time you got here! I’ve been waiting!’ And then he died.”

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19. Trying

“My first code as a nurse was of a middle aged mother who we think ended up having a brain bleed. I was trying to check her vitals and she was super agitated (and had been all day- she managed to bend her IV pole somehow). She was ripping her gown off, and the sheets off the bed, and she’d yanked her heart monitor off. I was trying to start a blood transfusion, but needed to get her vitals beforehand, which was impossible because she wouldn’t stay still long enough for any of it to read. I’d given her a sedative (for what we thought was anxiety), and I was praying it would kick in soon.

She kept grabbing my arm saying ‘Come here. Look at me! Help me!’ with fear in her eyes that I will never forget. I’m pretty sure I snapped back, ‘I’m trying!’ which I of course wish was something comforting instead. Then she leaned back, her eyes got droopy, she shut her mouth, then snapped her eyes wide open but totally glossed over. She took one last breath as a coworker was helping me while I called the code.”