25 Creepy, Real-Life Coincidences That’ll Give You Chills

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We’ve all had experienced odd coincidences in our lives: one time in middle school, I submitted the correct answer to an online raffle that, if I won, would let me skip a class – except I didn’t know I needed to be there, and so I missed it anyway. I didn’t find out that I had permission to miss it until after I had already unknowingly missed it, and I briefly thought that I must be the universe’s favorite person.

My story’s not so scary, but these 25 AskReddit users had some seriously bizarre shit go down, way weirder and creepier than my silly raffle win:

1.  …happy birthday?

“I was walking through a graveyard yesterday, and stepped on a broken piece of headstone with just my birthday inscribed on it.”

2. “No one was there…”

“When my cousin and I were babies (we’re just under two years apart) we were sleeping in my room while our moms were wrapping Christmas gifts. They were downstairs when they heard a woman on the baby monitor saying to my cousin who was starting to cry, ‘Don’t worry, your mom will be here soon.’ My mom and aunt run upstairs and no one was there…”

3. Dreaming the Future

“Last December, I had a bad dream early-ish in the morning that my dad had stopped taking his liver medication and that he was going to die. In the dream, I asked why he had been so careless but he said that it was just his time. When I woke up, my sister texted me that dad was in the hospital. He passed away 3 weeks later due to, of course, liver complications from not taking his medication.”

4. Postcard

“I worked at a library for a very long time, and in an effort to not lose my soul, I collected stuff I found in books. My favorite discovery was a hilarious postcard between two friends. I immediately thought, ‘I’d like to met these people.’ I kept it next to my computer for a few years.

After a few years pass, I’m going through my papers and find a postcard from my girlfriend that I don’t recognize. It takes me a few minutes to understand that I’m reading the postcard I’d put aside years earlier, between someone who was now my girlfriend and another person I’d come to know as a friend. It was probably the weirdest event in a series of events that defied probability regarding a ton of surreal linking events in our lives.”

5. Follow Your Gut

“When we were kids a group of us used to hang around near a small stream. One night we were there I got a really bad feeling, and told my friends I was going home. I begged them to come with me, but only one did. I practically legged it up the hill from the stream, I was so afraid. The next day I found out the girls that stayed got beaten up by a gang less than fifteen minutes after my friend and I left.”

6. Dreaming Death

“A couple years back, I had a dream of my grandfather, who I was not particularly close to by any means. In my dream I saw his casket formally covered by an American flag – he served in the military. He stood next to me in a room full of mourners and held my hand. He told me not to follow him out of the doors when he left. I watched him leave. When I woke up and went downstairs to get breakfast and call my father to tell him happy birthday, my older brother informed me that my grandfather had just passed away in his sleep.”

7. Seeing a Soul

“My best friend died via assisted suicide at my house. After she drank her lethal cocktail, she slipped into a coma and then it took about 40 minutes for her to finally pass. We kept taking her pulse every two minutes or so. Finally, my Great Dane who had been sleeping bolted upright and let out one muffled ‘woof,’ and then stared directly at my friend, then her eyes tracked slowly up from her, through the air, up towards the ceiling. We leaned over to take her pulse again, and this time she was gone.”

8. Proof

“After my great-aunt Lynn passed away, my other great-aunt Cynthia was walking home in the rain. Obviously she was pretty sad. She said, ‘Lynn, show me some proof that you’re still here.’

My aunt Lynn collected these rare things called medicine bags, originally worn by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Somehow, Cynthia found one on the ground in the rain. Inside there were six paper dolls – four girls and two guys. One of the girls was wearing pants.

The coincidence? In her family, there are four sisters and two brothers. Aunt Lynn always wore pants.”

9. “Written in the clock”

“My husband and I bought an antique clock at a flea market. It wasn’t until we went home and looked at it more closely that we realized on the inside of the door on the back it had our wedding date written in pencil. Our anniversary is 9/22/2009, 9/22/1924 was written in the clock.”