25 Photos of Husbands and Dads Crushing Life

Bored Panda called their version of this list “20+ Reasons Why Husbands Can’t Be Trusted”. That seems a bit too “King of Queens” for me (and for the list), and, once again, I can’t abide the rankings established by voters… so I dug through all 84 to rank up my list.

Here are my top 25, ranked according to overall awsomeness:

#25. There was a sale.

Photo Credit: 2workigo

#24. “Drunk me liked it.”

Photo Credit: twoforjoy

#23. Those used to be hot dogs… probably wouldn’t be too terrible, though. Definitely bland, but still edible.

Photo Credit: gennym

#22. Seriously. I know there are all kinds of YouTube videos on how this is supposed to work, but I don’t buy it.

Photo Credit: Cradnee

#21. Cookies? DONE.

Photo Credit: Sensual_beef_sister

#20. This dude’s even drinking DP10.

Photo Credit: whitneypaige829

The kid’s totally into it, though (not sure if that’s a plus or a minus…).

#19. The perfect palindrome pump.

Photo Credit: pinkydynamite

#18. Books organized according to their truthiness.

Photo Credit: schwa_

#17. This will get you laughs, but most likely will not get you laid.

Photo Credit: rosiebakesit

#16. That shirt is so friggin’ wrapped!

Photo Credit: CanadianBeard

#15. You thought I forgot the card? So wrong.

Photo Credit: MangoBlisters

#14. Ohhhh, yeah. There is romance up in here.

Photo Credit: residentjared

#13. You only need just the one, right?

Photo Credit: jeffimus_prime

#12. Throw pillows? No prob.

Photo Credit: imgur


Photo Credit: Wendy Rollins

#10. ‘Bouts to whip the ass off that cream.

Photo Credit: Lilaflockensocke

#9. Goin’ off the rails with a crazy name.

Photo Credit: ColtonLA

We’re gonna close out strong after the jump…

#8. So, I was like, “Why don’t I just put it in the microwave?” Then I was all, “Oh… I guess that’s why.”

Photo Credit: imgur

#7. Dressed to impress.

Photo Credit: Krunchy_Kitten

#6. The baby is now properly labeled – please stop leaving her in the puppy bin.

Photo Credit: cbam

#5. I left half for you; what’s the big deal?!

Photo Credit: HapEGoLucky

#4. I finished that pie lattice for you, but your fancy cross-hatching can eat a D.

Photo Credit: Evlwolf

#3. It’s not – says so right there on the bottle.

Photo Credit: MukMu

#2. She wanted to touch the water. Mission accomplished.

Photo Credit: growinginterest

#1. Boom! RSVP? DONE.

Photo Credit: JennyGloc

Like a boss.

Source: Bored Panda