24 Pictures For People Who Love Puns

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If you have friends who don’t love puns, well…I’m sure they have some good qualities. They’d better. Because puns are awesome, obviously.

They’re even better when it takes you a minute to get it and then – lightbulb!

Basically, enjoy this list. And all of the “aha” moments just ahead.

24. Life is rough, man.

Photo Credit: Imgur

23. Well done, sir.

Photo Credit: Me.Me

22. Good heavens.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

21. HUGE fan of cheese jokes

Photo Credit: Twitter

20. I’d use them just for their pun.

Photo Credit: Dump a Day

19. *steals*

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

18. Classic.

Photo Credit: iFunny

17. Someone’s bored at work.

Photo Credit: Crave Online

16. 10 to 1 someone’s dad sent this.

Photo Credit: Love This Pic

15. Go on and sing. You know you want to.

Photo Credit: The Meta Picture

14. I love this headline writer.

Photo Credit: AskIdeas

13. Derp.

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. It had to be intentional.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Photo Credit: Tumblr


Photo Credit: Imgur

10. Ba-Dum-Ching

Photo Credit: Uber Cream

9. Best vet.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

8. Newsflash: Your dad IS funny.

Photo Credit: All That Spam

7. People really have a lot of time on their hands.

Photo Credit: Laughtard

6. Yasssssssss, well played.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. *tips hat*

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. *snerk*

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. Ahhhhhhhhhh so bad.

Photo Credit: iFunny

2. I thought I hated Subway. And then…

Photo Credit: Tumblr

1. I sort of hate myself for laughing.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

h/t: Buzzfeed

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